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What's Lincoln Thinkin'?

What's Lincoln Thinkin'?

Assorted ramblings about sports and living in South Florida by CBS12 Sports Director Matt Lincoln.

Top 10 Athletes whose restaurants I'd like to eat at


I would love one day to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods - I'd love for him to give me a few golf tips.

But I don't know if i want to eat a steak with his name on it.

To commemorate the opening of "The Woods Jupiter" here's a top 10 list of athletes who's restaurants I'd rather eat at.

10. Vince Wilfork - you know the saying never trust a skinny chef.. plus wilfork's.. just sounds like a restaurant.

9. Coco Crisp - not enough restaurants serve cereal.

8. Usain Bolt - I want a restaurant that can get my food out fast.. ok?

7. Felix Pie - Hmmm.. pie.

6. John Daly - It would have a fun atmosphere, but the only thing on the menu is Diet Coke and Marlboro Lights.

5. Pablo Sandoval - they call him Big Panda - you know he can appreciate some good Chinese food.

4. William "The Refridgerator" Perry - football player? Or 6 foot tall kitchen appliance filled with cheese and soft drinks? We may never now.

3. Wade Boggs - The daily special? 64 Miller Lights and a whole fried chicken.

2. Marshawn Lynch - the go-tos - the Skittles salad, essence of lime Skittles soup, and for entree - taste the rainbow trout.

1. Rob Gronkowski -you can smash your food, before you eat it.


Now that sounds like a pleasurable dining experience.

No choke for Jordan, his major magic just ran out


Jordan Spieth was trying to become the first golfer in sixty years to win the first three majors in one year.

And.. he almost did it.

Even though Spieth fell one stroke short of Zach Johnson, the fact that he even made it that close is remarkable.

Spieth came through in the clutch with the putt he needed at the 16th hole, to get him to 15 under par, the magic number.

But he gave that stroke up on the toughest hole on the course - the 17th road hole. And that one stroke, cost him a chance at history.

Some idiot from the blog "For the Win" actually tweeted out "In the end Jordan Spieth choked under the pressure of a grand slam."

Facing the heavy weight of the history books, Spieth beat 152 players this week.   Unfortunately he had to beat 155.

Despite the pressure, Spieth's hopes were still alive on the 72nd hole, right until the end.

There hasn't been this type of resilient, level headed golfer, since.. you know who.

Hey Tiger, lost the 2009 PGA by one stroke to Y.E. Yang.  By "For the Win"'s definition.. Tiger was a choker too.

Want to correctly criticize someone for choking?

Dustin Johnson was better than everyone through the first 36 holes. Then worse than everyone the 2nd 36 holes.

He went from being up by one.. to being down by 11, in two days.

That is choking.

After a storybook four months, Spieth just ran out of magic, one hole away from history.


WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - No choke for Jordan, his major magic just ran out

15th Annual NBA Mock Draft


The 15th annual What's Lincoln Thinkin' NBA Mock Draft

1. MINNESOTA - Karl-Anthony Towns, PF/C Kentucky. There is no discussion here. Towns goes from playing for the Lakers of college basketball (Kentucky) to the St. Bonaventure of the NBA (T-Wolves)
2. LOS ANGELES LAKERS - Jahlil Okafor, C Duke. I think this is the wrong pick. The Lakers should build around a truly dynamic point guard in D'Angelo Russell, rather than a big man with a questionable motor, questionable defense, and questionable outside shot. But other than that, Okafor's incredible.
3. PHILADELPHIA - D'Angelo Russell, PG Ohio State. Now finally the Sixers seem to have an end-game. Pairing Russell with the big men they've been acquiring in recent years, and the Sixers start to look like a basketball team, and less like a company that's just acquiring assets.
4. NEW YORK - Emmanuel Mudiay, PG China. The Knicks really want Okafor or Russell, so they may trade this pick for someone who really wants Porzingis. If not, they take this very promising point guard, who somehow hurt his draft stock by pushing himself and going to China.
5. ORLANDO - Kristaps Porzingis, PF Latvia. The Buck Staps Here. Don't Staps Believin'. Staps! In the name of Love! Want me to keep going? I've got plenty of these Por-zingers.
6. SACRAMENTO - Justise Winslow, SF Duke. Not sure what the Kings are doing with Boogie Cousins, but Winslow is no question the sixth best player in this draft. Coach K says he's Dwyane Wade! (That should be some sort of NCAA violation. Dock him 200 wins for insane player comparisons!)
7. DENVER - Mario Hezonja, SF Croatia. He's like the Croatian J.R. Smith. Take with that what you will.
8. DETROIT - Devin Booker, SG Kentucky. Booker is going to go high, because he has the reputation as the best shooter in the draft. But he should have hit those threes, he was wide open all the time, playing with 9 other NBA players at Kentucky.
9. CHARLOTTE - Willie Cauley-Stein, C Kentucky. ANOTHER Wildcat. Calipari built that team around each other though, so it's really interesting to see how they evolve outside of Kentucky. Towns was told not to shoot from the outside. Booker was told not to drive to the basket. Lyles was told to stay off the block. Cauley-Stein was told to avoid all offense. Can any of those players actually do the things they were told not to do?
10. MIAMI - Stanley Johnson, SF Arizona. I'm not a big fan of this pick for the Heat because this dude is a terrible offensive player. But no one is getting as much buzz as this guy here. Kaminsky would be interesting.
11. INDIANA - Frank Kaminsky, C Wisconsin. The Pacers are looking to move the ball faster, so they're looking to move away from the concrete sneakers of Roy Hibbert and David West for faster big men. Kaminsky would give them a guy who can move up and down the floor.
12. UTAH - Myles Turner, C Texas. Obviously I think there's an overreaction TO the overreaction about the Warrior way winning the championship. I have half of the lottery being big men.
13. PHOENIX - Bobby Portis, PF Arkansas. Suns may be in talks to trade Eric Bledsoe, if so they could go point guard here. But Portis is one of the best stretch-4's in the draft pool.
14. OKLAHOMA CITY - Cam Payne, PG Murray State. Thunder really like this guy, and he seems to be the consensus third-best point guard available. Which is odd because I've NEVER HEARD OF HIM BEFORE.
15. ATLANTA - Sam Dekker, SF Wisconsin. Maybe the guy I'm most excited to see what he turns into as a pro player. In fact, he could go much higher here, if a team like Charlotte wants to give him a chance.
16. BOSTON - Trey Lyles, PF Kentucky. Poor guy could not get anywhere near the basket at Kentucky with all 500 pounds of Towns and Cauley-Stein packing it in there. The Celtics front court is much less crowded.
17. MILWAUKEE - RJ Hunter, SG Georgia State. Not just a Big Dance Hero. None of us may have heard of him until March, but some say he's a better shooter than Booker. Or at least the argument is this - if Hunter was at Kentucky, he could've done what Booker did. But the other way around would be hard to believe.
18. HOUSTON - Jerian Grant, PG/SG Notre Dame. The kind of tough-nosed lead guard that could be a major part of a championship team. Could do a few different things for Houston - and they need some help at the 1.
19. WASHINGTON - Justin Anderson, SF Virginia. There's a bunch of wing guys at this point of the draft who could start going. I like Anderson better than Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Kelly Oubre and Rashad Vaughn, because he's the best shooter of the bunch.
20. TORONTO - Montrezl Harrell, PF Louisville. Raptors don't have a high-motor guy who's going to get after it on the boards. Harrell can be volatile, but that might be just what the Raptors need.
21. DALLAS - Tyus Jones, PG Duke. Incredible stat - Dallas has drafted 30 players since they took Dirk Nowitzki. None of those 30 are currently on the roster.
22. CHICAGO - Delon Wright, PG Utah. The exodus of Derrick Rose continues, as Chicago takes someone who could wind up as his replacement.
23. PORTLAND - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, SF Arizona. RHJ is a horrendous shooter, but he plays some really tough defense on the wing. And Portland has no one who can do that.
24. CLEVELAND - Terry Rozier, PG Louisville. Up until this writing, LeBron has not tweeted out his pick yet. So until then, this is just a guess.
25. MEMPHIS - Kelly Oubre, SF Kansas. Can't imagine him falling much farther than this. He has top 10 talent, but put almost none of it together at Kansas. That's a little scary for a lottery pick for me.
26. SAN ANTONIO - Kevon Looney, PF UCLA. Spurs have really liked a Spanish big man named Willy Hernandez. At this point in the draft, they almost always go international, but Looney has fallen a bit here, and he has worked out in San Antonio. I say they go for the domestic project.
27. LOS ANGELES LAKERS - Rashad Vaughn, SG UNLV. Vaughn is an intriguing scorer - if the Lakers do go with Russell at two, this might be a big.
28. BOSTON - Christian Wood, PF UNLV. A rim-protecting project. The C's pick again at pick #33, so they can afford to take a gamble on Wood here.
29. BROOKLYN - Jordan Mickey, PF LSU. Nice defensive player, not a lot of offense. This is what you're getting at pick #29.
30. GOLDEN STATE - Chris McCullough, PF Syracuse. Had major knee surgery last year. Likely a year away from helping out at all. The reigning champs can afford to wait.

Dolphins must learn from Jordan disaster


Third year Fins Defensive End Dion Jordan was suspended for the entire season Tuesday after violating the rules of the NFL's substance abuse policy, for the third time in the last year. How he ruined his Dolphins' career, is something the Fins need to learn from.

Dion Jordan, what a waste. A waste of talent, a waste of money, and a major waste of a third overall pick. And Jordan himself must be thinking, how he wasted this great opportunity in the NFL.

Just to get wasted.

This last violation will likely end his tenure in Miami, a place that even when he was healthy, and not suspended, he didn't seem that comfortable in.

Jamar Fletcher, Yatil Green, Ted Ginn - these are the names that come up when you talk about biggest busts in Dolphins history. But none of them will compare with the third pick, who made only three sacks.

Fitting this happens just a few days before the draft starts.. a hard reminder that good character means as much as talent in player evaluation. Watching players jump at the combine, checking out their game film, and knowing how many pounds they bench do not mean as much as they used to.

Because, how much these prospects love the game, behave off the field and stay away from drugs - matter more now than ever before.

Dion Jordan has a problem, and I hope he gets help. But the Dolphins will be happy when he's not their problem anymore.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Dolphins must learn from Jordan disaster

Salty's time in Miami ends on sour note


Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia was designated for assignment Monday, ending a disappointing 17 month stay with his hometown team.

The man with the funny looking hair, and the funny sounding name, seemed to be a perfect fit for the Marlins - the Royal Palm Beach native coming home, a veteran catcher coming to work with a young pitching staff. But there was something about being home, that didn't quite suit him.

Even for a franchise known for giving out bad contracts, salty's is bad in comparison.

A year and a half ago, Saltalamacchia seemed to get a little hometown bonus - A 3 year $21 million dollar contract. But all that good feeling about a man coming home dissipated, when that man, couldn't play.

Salty set a personal record with 15 errors last year and hit just .220. He knew he had to turn things around immediately this year or he'd lose his job.  He wound up being much worse.

Saltalamacchia returned from paternity leaveMonday, his wife had his fourth child near their home in Wellington. Salty returned, and was promptly released. That's pretty cold, but not as cold as Salty's bat has been this year. In 29 at-bats, he's had just two hits.

Salty was welcomed home with open arms in December of 2013 - now those same arms are pushing him out the door. Professional sports is tough, we love that homecoming story. But when the man in the middle can't be a hero, we kick him to the curb.

And say go find a new home, because you can't stay here.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Salty

One man will not bring a Super Bowl to Miami


Ndakumong Suh is a big addition to the Miami Dolphins. But anyone who's watched them the last three years knows, it's going to take a lot more than just one man to make the Dolphins a Super Bowl contender.

Ndamukong Suh may be the best defensive lineman in free agency. He may be the best defensive lineman in the NFL. He may be the best defensive lineman of all time.

But he's not winning a Super Bowl by himself.

Every year of the Philbin Era we've said that the Dolphins have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL.

So adding more talent is the missing ingredient to getting the team in the playoffs?

Suh has been a force for the Lions for the last four seasons.

And he has zero playoff wins and just one appearance to show for all of that dominance.

The Fins have holes at linebacker, cornerback, safety, offensive line, receiver and maybe tight end.

Suh's a big man, but he's not filling all of those holes.

And his talent alone won't be what gets the Fins those last few wins they need from week 15 on - that they have not been able to get the last three years.

You need a run stuffer, and sacks are great, but the whole team won't fit on Suh's incredibly broad shoulders.

Miles have run out on Woods's body


Tiger Woods has withdrawn in three of his last 8 tournaments following his departure in the first round of the Farmer's Insurance Open. He said his back just locked up on him, and he couldn't finish the round. 
But the real question, at age 39, is he finished as one of the best golfers in the world?

Tiger changed the game of professional golf by making it a more athletic, power game.

Woods obviously put more time in the weight room then other golfers and he put to bed the argument that golfers are athletes, because obviously, Tiger, is an athlete.

Then it makes sense that we cannot measure Tiger's career like other golfers.

The Champions Tour is in Boca Raton this week, and those golfers are still playing strong into their 50's and 60's.

But Tiger is more of an athlete, then a golfer.

In other sports, time has caught up with 33-year-old Roger Federer, 36-year-old Kobe Bryant, and 38-year-old Peyton Manning.  All of them are younger than Tiger.

We've always thought that because Jack Nicklaus won three majors after turning 40, Tiger could do the same thing.

But Woods's body does not have golfer's miles on it, it has athlete's miles on it.

And those have taken their toll.

As the knee breaks down, the back gives out, and the hair recedes back, Woods is an old man in athlete years.

He's not on the back 9 of his career - he's past the two minute warning, and his time's about to run out.

and that's the skinny.

Seminoles embarrass themselves in Rose Bowl loss


The Seminoles' mistakes lost them the Rose Bowl in the third quarter, and there were times in the fourth quarter where it seemed they had quit. But the worst part of the night for FSU came after the final whistle.

After halftime, the 'Noles proved they didn't belong in the same class as Oregon. Then after the final whistle, many showed no class at all.

Over half the players chose not to shake hands with the Ducks after the game.

This was the first defeat in many of the careers of the 'Noles, but that's no excuse to not know how to lose with dignity. 

Getting blown out 59-20 is embarrassing. But there's nothing worse then being a sore loser and many of the players were losers in more ways than one Thursday.

Dolphins' Tannehill perfectly mediocre


The Dolphins have problems.. but is Ryan Tannehill one of them? Of the 32 teams in the NFL - 18 have worse quarterback situations than the Fins.

The Jets are a joke with Geno Smith.

The Bills were forced to turn to Kyle Orton.

The Bengals Andy Dalton is a 100 million dollar disaster.

The Browns are betting all their money on Johnny Football.

The Texans don't have any longterm QB solution on their roster.

And neither to the Titans.

Fewer rookie seasons have been as bad as the Jaguars' Blake Bortles.

The Chiefs haven't thrown a touchdown to a wide receiver all season.

The Raiders' rookie has led them to just two wins.

That's how many the Bucs have too.

The Eagles can't think that Mark Sanchez is a long term fix.

There's no team in the NFL more of a dumpster fire than the Redskins.

The Vikings Teddy Bridgewater hasn't proven anything in year 1.

The Bears have Jay Cutler. Enough said.

The "State of Carolina" is ready to rebel against Cam Newton.

The Cardinals' Carson Palmer's career is probably be over.

The 49ers quarterback can't pass from the pocket.

And then there's the Rams, who's defense scores more than their offense.

It's not great for your Dolphans, but it could be worse. A lot worse. 

Top 10 "Stars" left in MLB Playoffs


The small market teams are the kings of the MLB playoffs - the Royals and Orioles ended long playoff droughts, and the Cardinals and Giants continue their mini-dynasties.   

But a huge problem for baseball now rears it's ugly head - the sport does such a terrible job marketing its stars, the final four is full of players the mass audience knows nothing about.  

Here's the top 10 "stars" left in the playoffs:
#10. Nelson Cruz (Baltimore) - Known more for his 50 game drug suspension last year, Cruz actually led the league in homers in 2014.

#9. Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco) - known for his varying girth, Sandoval has the best nickname in baseball - "Kung Fu Panda".

#8. Alex Gordon (Kansas City) - known for.. basically nothing, he might be the most milquetoast "star" in the league.

#7. James Shields (Kansas City) - known for getting in fights with the Red Sox while with Tampa, "Big Game James" is living up to his nickname.

#6. Adam Jones (Baltimore) - known for not being the guy who used to go by "Pacman", Jones is the O's best all-around player.

#5. Matt Holliday (St. Louis) - known for his big bald melon, I once saw Holliday at Jetty's in Jupiter during Spring Training. And actually recognized him.

#4. Tim Lincecum (San Francisco) - known for 2 Cy Youngs, 2 World Series and 2 no-hitters, but has fallen out of favor in San Francisco - he didn't pitch in the NLDS.

#3. Yadier Molina (St. Louis) -  known for living on Jupiter Island, many people regard Molina as the best catcher in the game.

#2. Adam Wainwright (St. Louis) -  known for being the Cardinals' ace, he's been one of the top 3 pitchers in baseball for the past 4 years.

#1. Buster Posey (San Francisco) - known for being the face of the Giants, he's the biggest star in the playoffs.. and I bet you wouldn't recognize him if he walked past you in Publix.  

Welker playing with dangerous cocktail


The more concussions you get, the more you're likely to have. That's not conjecture, that's science.

This preseason, Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker suffered his third concussion in 10 months. But nine days after being knocked out, he was back at practice Tuesday and was talking about playing this Sunday.

If this is acceptable under the NFL concussion rules, then we need new rules.

Because Welker needs to be protected from himself.

Tuesday, the NFL found a way to do that.

ESPN is reporting that Welker has been suspended four games for testing positive for amphetamines.

Here's more science for you - a concussion leaves your brain swollen inside your skull and amphetamines raise blood pressure. So if Welker did take amphetamines after suffering the concussions, he's a ticking time bomb, just waiting to have a cerebral aneurysm.

Hopefully this suspension gets him help, so he's off these drugs, and his brain heals before he suits up again.

Because mixing those pills with his head trauma history? he must be brain dead. 

Or he will be soon enough.

McIlroy's destiny is to be the best European golfer ever


If you watched just five minutes of the British Open broadcast this weekend, you certainly heard the stat at least once - Rory McIlroy's victory made him just the third player ever to win three different majors before the age of 26.  And the two guys he joined? Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.


The two no doubt best ever - and Rory.

So is McIlroy's destiny to be linked with these two legends?

That's unlikely, because legends only come around every one or two generations.

And while some people may have not liked what Tiger Woods said this weekend, he's right.  When McIlroy's at the top of his game, he's practically unbeatable.  But when he's not, he can be really terrible.  With the dominance in which he's won his three majors, you could make the argument that he actually should have won more at this point in his career.

So where will he wind up in the pantheon of great golfers?

He's had some close calls in Augusta, it would be silly for us to think that he wouldn't win a green jacket at some point in his career.

Which would mean that he would join six golfers as grand slam winners: Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player, Ben Hogan, Tiger and Jack.

One thing that stands out about those six golfers - five of them are American, and none of them are European.

So while Rory's destiny may not be in the same breath as Jack and Tiger, he is certainly in reach of quite a remarkable title: The Best European Golfer Ever.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - McIlroy

Riley's moves just to keep Heat relevant


How do you replace, the irreplaceable?

Pat Riley's answer? Just get the best players you can possibly get.

The retooling in Miami involves playing Chris Bosh too much money, keeping an aging Dwyane Wade and hoping Luol Deng can be elite.

Barring any unforeseen moves over the next few weeks, no sane person would believe the Miami Heat have a prayer of winning a championship next year.

But they should be able to stay competitive and interesting.

And that's not a bad plan - be just a few pieces away from greatness.

Next year stars like Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol are free agents.

The following year, other big names Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams will be available.

If the heat stay relevant over the next few years, all of those same reasons why LeBron came to the Heat, can bring another star to South Beach.

It will just be tough for Heat fans to stomach being just decent, after 4 years of being great.

14th annual NBA Mock Draft



In the 14 years that I've been doing NBA mock drafts, I don't think we've had a more anticipated draft than this one. Until it actually got here.

And now the 2014 NBA draft is just "meh" especially when you factor in our own expectations. The biggest question going into this draft is - how far will Kansas center Joel Embiid fall?

1. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: Jabari Parker, SG/SF Duke - The Cavs could not have done a worse job bungling the top selection last year.  They shocked everyone by taking Anthony Bennett last year, and he proceeded to have the worst season ever by a first overall pick. Can they screw up this one too? Only if they don't pick Parker or Andrew Wiggins, who may have the higher upside.  Word out of Cleveland though is they want Parker, the best scorer in the draft. EMBIID INTEREST LEVEL: Freezing. Literally a block of ice.              

2. MILWAUKEE BUCKS: Andrew Wiggins, SF Kansas - The Bucks are in good shape - Wiggins is all ready an elite athlete and defender and his offensive game shows plenty of promise. He might not be ready to step in and be a 25-15 guy right away, but he is the player in this draft to build a team around. EMBIID INTEREST LEVEL: December at Lambeau

3. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS: Marcus Smart, PG Kansas St. - The Sixers are BUMMING.  They tanked the entire season last year, and are not coming away with one of the big prizes of this draft. They are shopping the NBA Rookie of the Year, point guard Michael Carter-Williams, because they know the two best players at this point in the draft, are point guards. Smart seems like a guy that will either fit Philly perfectly, or drive those fans crazy. EMBIID INTEREST METER: A water ice that has been sitting out for 30 minutes.

4. ORLANDO MAGIC: Dante Exum, PG/SG Australia - He's an International Man of Mystery. Some say he's looked terrible in workouts, others say he belongs in the same conversation with Parker and Wiggins in terms of potential. The Magic need some buzz immediately, and Exum may be that guy to provide it. EMBIID INTEREST METER: Lazy River water at Typhoon Lagoon.

5. UTAH JAZZ: Noah Vonleh, PF Indiana - Victimized a little because his team was terrible (I watched a lot of college hoops and don't remember this guy at all).  But he's a stretch 4, with a crazy wingspan, and a good head on his shoulders. Lots of potential here, and just the sort of guy that the Jazz would want.  EMBIID INTEREST METER: Salt Lake, in the fall, right after the leaves turn.

6. BOSTON CELTICS: Aaron Gordon, PF Arizona - The most athletic big man of the draft, Gordon seems to be the favorite of all the front court players for Danny Ainge. His ceiling seems higher than Julius Randle, who is a better player now. The C's will be heavily tempted to take Embiid. EMBIID INTEREST METER: A steaming cup of clam chowder.

7. LOS ANGELES LAKERS: Julius Randle, PF Kentucky - Lakers are talking about moving up, possibly because they want either Smart or Exum. They know the Kobe Bryant window is closing, so they can't wait for Embiid to heal. However, this would be great value for him here.  EMBIID INTEREST METER: White castle burger grease.

8. SACRAMENTO KINGS: Joel Embiid, C Kansas - Embiid could go anywhere starting at pick 3, but I think his tumble ends here at 8.  The Kings could be getting the best player in this draft at #8, and they can afford to wait.  Because they are the Kings, and most people forget they're in the NBA anyway.

9. CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Doug McDermott, SF Creighton - Now begins the portion of the draft where the best available players are shooters, and there are a bunch of teams that need them. McDermott seems like a perfect fit in Charlotte, but they could look to Rodney Hood or Nik Stauskas.

10. PHILADLEPHIA 76ERS: Zach LaVine, PG/SG UCLA - Another player that you could have watched a lot of college basketball this year and not be 100% sure who this fella is. But he's won every workout he's been in, and could be a dynamite guard in 2-3 years. If the 76ers move MCW, they are set for the future with LaVine and Smart.

11. DENVER NUGGETS: Gary Harris, SG Michigan State - Nuggets want a shooting guard who can defend and hit threes, and this is the perfect spot for Harris, even if he is a little undersized to play the '2' in the NBA.

12. ORLANDO MAGIC: Rodney Hood, SG/SF Duke - Another guy tearing up workouts, even though he played second fiddle to Parker this year at Duke. Magic are looking for an athletic wing who can fill it up, James Young is also a possibility.

13. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES: Nik Stauskas, SG Michigan - Stauskas sort of fits in Minnesota, and scouts have varying ideas about what his ceiling is. He's obviously an incredible shooter, but his game came along so much in his second year at Michigan, that some believe there's lots of room in his game for growth.

14. PHOENIX SUNS: Dario Saric, SF/PF Croatia - Saric could've been a top 10 pick, but he announced this week he's going to play another two years overseas. This may be too high for him, but the Suns are in a position to take him - they all ready have lots of young developing talent and they have multiple first round picks.

15. ATLANTA HAWKS: Kyle Anderson, PG/SF Atlanta - Anderson is one of the most unique players in this draft. He has point guard skills in a small forward's body (he's 6'9"!) and he could possibly play either position in the NBA. He's a little slow, but he's a heady player with plenty of intrigue.

16. CHICAGO BULLS: Adreian Payne, PF Michigan State - A huge body who can also shoot the rock, Adreian delivers the Payne in multiple ways. He's a player without a lot of upside, but who can come in and help a team right away.

17. BOSTON CELTICS: TJ Warren, SF North Carolina State - From 15 feet and in, Warren is the best scorer in the draft. He's got some "old man" game in him, and NBA scouts believe he will have no problem scoring in the league. The only question here is whether the rebuilding Celtics believe he has enough upside to take him.

18. PHOENIX SUNS: PJ Hairston, SG NBDL - An elite shooter, Hairston got himself kicked out of North Carolina, and then proved his worth at the NBDL. Depending on how his interviews go, Hairston could fall out of the first round with his past indiscretions. But his talent level suggests he could go at this point in the draft.

19. CHICAGO BULLS: Shabazz Napier, PG Connecticut - The only player in this draft who's #1 attribute is his cojones. The exact type of guy that a championship-caliber team would want as their backup point guard, this is a great fit with team and player. So much so, the Bulls may try to take him at pick #16.

20. TORONTO RAPTORS: James Young, SF Kentucky - The Raptors believe they're going to be able to keep Kyle Lowry, so they won't go point guard here, as rough as that is for Tyler Ennis, who'd love to stay close to him. They go with a wing in James Young, who upon realizing he's getting shipped to Canada, immediately rethinks his decision about leaving Kentucky.

21. OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER: Elfrid Payton, PG Louisiana-Lafayette - The Thunder's backup point guard is now coaching the Knicks, so that's what they want here. Payton can't shoot very well, so this is a great fit because he won't need to shoot in OKC. Just get the ball to KD and Westbrook, and he'll do just fine.

22. MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES: Tyler Ennis, PG Syracuse - Grizzlies needs a backup for Mike Conley, and they get one with upside in Ennis. As a homer Syracuse alum, I must say that I'm disappointed in the lukewarm scouting reports of Ennis, a guy who showed he could hit huge shots, create off the dribble, and demonstrate great court demeanor. What did you say? Defense? Let's move on.

23. UTAH JAZZ: Jusuf Nurkic, PF/C Bosnia & Herzegovina - Jazz have multiple first round picks, so can go internationa with their second pick. If you'd like some dynamite analysis of Nurkic's game, you know how to use the internet.

24. CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Mitch McGary, PF Michigan - McGary would've been a lottery pick last year, and there are multiple reports that this will be his landing spot. This is a tad high for him here, but this is the point where it begins to be worth the risk.

25. HOUSTON ROCKETS: CJ Wilcox, SG Washington - Houston had to go to the D-League to find Troy Daniels to the playoffs to hit a big three against the Blazers. They will take the best shooter in this spot to add some firepower to that bench.

26. MIAMI HEAT: Jordan Clarkson, PG/SG Missouri - It's highly unlikely that Mario Chalmers returns to the Heat, and Clarkson could be just the sort of playmaking guard the Heat need to help the Big 3.

27. PHOENIX SUNS: Cleanthony Early, SF/PF Wichita State - Tough choice here - the Suns have three first round picks, do they send one or two overseas? I think Early slips into the first round, but it would not surprise me if Phoenix goes with another international player.

28. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS: Jerami Grant, SF/PF Syracuse - Too late to come back Jerami - should have stayed at Syracuse.  He is not a lock for the first round.

29. OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER: Clint Capela, PF/C Overseas Somewhere - Thunder don't have the roster spots for two first round picks. This guy can block shots, and rebound I think.

30. SAN ANTONIO SPURS: Bogdan Bogdanovich, SF Serbia - Tell me this guy is not a perfect fit on the Spurs. Bogdan Bogdanovich? Awesome.

Where does Ghana win rank in USA World Cup History?


It is remarkable to believe, but Monday's USA victory over Ghana is just the sixth World Cup win for the Americans since 1930.

With so few in a 84 year time period, means that every single one of them has been important for different reasons.

Here they are, ranked in order of importance.

1. 1994 USA beats Colombia 2-1 in the Group Stage.  The biggest win in U.S. soccer history for a variety of reasons - it is the only victory on U.S. soil, coming in front of over 90,000 fans in Pasadena, CA.  It was the first United States victory in a World Cup in 44 years, and ushered in a new era of American soccer where qualifying for the World Cup is expected.  Also, as part of the agreement for the United States to host the World Cup, the MLS was born.  While the league struggled early, it would have fallen apart completely if not for the excitement of the 1994 World Cup.

2. 2002 USA beats Mexico 2-0 in Round of 16.As brethren in the CONCACAF, Mexico is the United States biggest rival, and this victory over El Tri moved the United States into the Quarterfinals, for their best World Cup finish since 1930. But this win would never have happened without....

3. 2002 USA beats Portugal 3-2 in Group Stage.The United States went up 3-0, and found a way to hold on despite a furious Portuguese comeback. This is the only win the U.S. team has had against a European team since 1950, and it got them into the knockout stage.

4. 2010 USA beat Algeria 1-0 in Group Stage.This game provided one of the iconic moments in United States soccer - Landon Donovan's goal in extra time, and subsequent slide toward the corner flag.  The win propelled the Americans into the knockout stage, and set them up for a second straight loss to Ghana.

5. 2014 USA beats Ghana 2-1 in Group Stage.A win that in the moment could at the most, prove this is the best team in American World Cup history, or at least, provide another lasting memory to help grow the game here.  The Clint Dempsey first minute goal, the John Brooks game winner with 4 minutes left, and the feeling of retribution over the Ghanaians, made the game one to remember. Still, if they follow this with back-to-back losses, it may mean little in history.

6. 1950 USA beats England 1-0.The only American victory in the World Cup between 1930 and 1994 was one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. Books have been written about it, movies have been made about it, but it is an American Sports Classic that remains basically forgotten. The U.S. did not qualify for 9 straight World Cups after the 1950 competition.

Where do you think the Ghana win should rank?



The cruel, heartless rules of golf


    LeBron James does not have to count how many free throws he hits.   Ryan Tannehill does not have to keep track of touchdowns.
     And Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not counting how many times he goes around the track.  It is idiotic in the 21st Century for an athlete to have to keep his own score.  And its time for it to change in golf.

        22 year old Landon Michelson had the opportunity of a lifetime in his hands.  Beginning the day as an alternate at US Open qualifying in Vero Beach, Michelson played 36 great holes and the Miami native could book his ticket to pinehurst.

       Oh no, wait a minute. After signing his card, Michelson double checked with his caddie, and he had signed the wrong score. He reported his mistake, and was disqualified.  That US Open dream was dashed.

       Golf is a cut throat sport, when it comes to its heartless rules.  You are the referee, umpire and scorekeeper for yourself.

       Michelson did the right thing but let's not pretend he was the big winner for being honest. The winner was the guy who took his place in the US Open.

       It makes no sense that PGA Tour players can be disqualified when they write down the wrong score - when their real score is plastered all over televisions and scoreboards.

       Michelson may not have had that advantage - but the punishment is too strong for this crime.

       Many of golf's rules are outdated, esoteric, and even cruel.

       Landon Michelson didn't deserve this.

#1 Heat Fan Grandma not happy after Game 5


Youtube's newest sensation, #1 Heat Fan Grandma, pipes up again after Game 5. She's certainly not happy about the officiating, and if you watch until the end, be careful, because it is NSFW.  Here's the newest post.

#1 Heat Fan Grandma becomes Youtube Star


If you haven't seen "#1 Heat Fan Grandma" - click here and watch it now.

She basically takes home two awards in this two and a half minute clip, as "Coolest Grandma" and "Coolest Heat Fan".

Her name is Mary, and her grandson Johnny took the video.  They live in Margate in Broward County, and our web guru Franco went to college with Johnny.  He says that Mary doesn't even know she's being recorded during the video.

I love this sort of fandom from all people, but coming from a grandmother makes it that much better.

Marlins fan makes a "bald" statement


Meet Andres - he's making some interesting decisions about his grooming habits to support Jose Fernandez and the Marlins.  I'm all behind this kind of fandom.

Once again, Dolphins have a PR nightmare


If the Dolphins did any sort of public relations training after the bullying scandal, their lessons are not taking.
Just two days after Mike Pouncey embarrassed himself on twitter, it was another dolphins player shaming himself, and the team.  
In one of the biggest moments of Michael Sam's life, he hugged and kissed his boyfriend.

Maybe it was calculated, and he knew the firestorm it would set off on national television.

But, like any young man, he can't be criticized for showing those emotions at that moment.

But one, just one out of hundreds of NFL players, felt it necessary to make a negative public remark.

Don Jones,  a little-used Dolphins corner who was a 7th round pick, just like Sam, a year ago, felt the need to tweet "OMG", and "Horrible", right at the moment Sam was drafted.

Sorry Don, but being vague isn't going to help you here.

Jones was fined, and is suspended, but what works better than the threat of punishment?

How about some leadership?  31 teams were able to keep the Sam announcement positive and the one that couldn't, is the one that had the most locker room turmoil last year.

The Dolphins need to identify who their leaders are immediately  and those players need to take accountability of every player in that locker room. 

Because right now it's the Dolphins, and only the Dolphins, that don't seem to get it.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Once again, Dolphins have a PR nightmare

What's Lincoln Thinkin' 2014 NFL Mock Draft


1. TEXANS – Jadeveon Clowney (DL) South Carolina - He may be the most physically talented defensive lineman to EVER come out of college.  The Texans ignore their need for a quarterback and Clowney's propensity to take plays off to gamble on his immense talent.
2. RAMS – Jake Matthews (OL) Texas A&M - The Rams could take Watkins here, but I love the dependability that they get with Matthews. Jeff Fisher knows what a "Matthews" brings to the table (he coached his Hall of Fame father) and he'll take the offensive tackle who can anchor Tennessee's offensive line for a decade.
3. JAGUARS – Sammy Watkins (WR) Clemson - The Jaguars need just about EVERYTHING, so they take the most explosive weapon in the draft. Watkins is in the mold of Julio Jones, and may be the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson.
4. BROWNS – Greg Robinson (OL) Auburn - My biggest question going into this draft is.. Who wants Johnny Football to lead their franchise? It could be the Browns, but they know they can take a "safer" quarterback with their pick at #26. Instead they'll take the most talented offensive lineman in the entire draft with the biggest upside.
5. RAIDERS – Khalil Mack (LB) Buffalo - The Westwood product is easily the best defensive player available after Clowney.  The Raiders need a leader for their defense, and now they have one.
6. ATLANTA – Taylor Lewan (OL) Michigan - The Falcons are praying someone takes a quarterback ahead of them so that one of the five elite players in this draft falls to them. It doesn't happen, so they add a player who can help protect Matt Ryan.
7. BUCCANEERS – Mike Evans (WR) Texas A&M - The Bucs will give Manziel a thought here, but instead go with his biggest target - a huge monster of a receiver in Evans.
8. VIKINGS – Johnny Manziel (QB) Texas A&M - The Vikings weren't thinking Manziel could fall to them, but he has.  Pair him with Adrian Peterson, and that's a potent and exciting offense.
9. BILLS – Eric Ebron (TE) North Carolina - The Bills are looking for more weapons for EJ Manuel, and they add the runaway best tight end in this draft.
10. LIONS – Justin Gilbert (CB) Oklahoma State - The Lions could go in a variety of different ways, but I'm guessing they go secondary, and take the best ball-hawking DB in the draft.
11. TITANS – Darqueze Dennard (CB) Michigan State - Huge debate about who's the better corner Gilbert or Dennard - Gilbert has better ball skills, and Dennard is stronger and tougher.  The Titans are happy with Dennard.
12. GIANTS – Aaron Donald (DL) Pittsburgh - Giants are at their best when the defensive line is the strength of their team.  Donald is under-sized, but he may have been the best defensive player in college football last year.
13. RAMS – HaHa Clinton-Dix (S) Alabama - Rams go offense-defense, taking Clinton-Dix to be the future quarterback of their secondary.  St. Louis could be setting themselves up nicely for  years with these two early picks.
14. BEARS – Calvin Pryor (S) Louisville - The Bears are looking for the new leader of a defense that lacks identity. Pryor is a big hitter and can handle that assignment, but CJ Mosley is also an option.
15. STEELERS – Odell Beckham Jr. (WR) LSU - The Steelers need a lot of help, but they scored a woefully low amount of points last year. This is a strong draft for receivers, and I think they'll take the one they like the best here.
16. COWBOYS – Anthony Barr (OLB/DE) UCLA - The Cowboys need a replacement for DeMarcus Ware - Barr is the best option available at this point.
17. RAVENS – Zach Martin (OL) Notre Dame - The Ravens are lucky to see Martin fall this far - he's the last of the 4 elite offensive linemen in this draft.
18. JETS – Brandin Cooks (WR) Oregon State - Rex Ryan always takes defensive players, and that's why he always has a great defense and a terrible offense. They do need a corner to replace Revis, so Fuller wouldn't shock me here, but they really need to take advantage of this talented receiver pool as well.
19. DOLPHINS – CJ Mosley (LB) Alabama - One of the Dolphins dream scenarios has occurred - Mosley, the best inside linebacker in the draft has fallen to them at 19. He could step in right away and be a new productivity leader in the middle of the Dolphins defense. Their other dream option is one of the four stud offensive linemen fall. That is less likely to happen.
20. CARDINALS – Blake Bortles (QB) UCF - The Cardinals need a plan for the future at quarterback.  They may be surprised that many teams' top quarterback on their draft lists fall to them at #20.
21. PACKERS – Jimmie Ward (S) Northern Illinois - Packers want to improve their back 7 on defense with this pick.  They're hoping either Clinton-Dix, Pryor or Mosley fall to them.  That won't happen.
22. EAGLES – Kyle Fuller (CB) Virginia Tech - It may be against Chip Kelly's character to take defense, but he knows he has secondary issues. Fuller's the pick here... unless Kelly pushes to go receiver.
23. CHIEFS – Marqise Lee (WR) USC - Andy Reid is pushing for a receiver, and he'll take the one that would've been the top WR taken in last year's draft.
24. BENGALS – Bradley Roby (CB) Ohio St. - A talented defensive player with a troubled past? Sounds like a Bengals draft pick to me!
25. CHARGERS – Timmy Jernigan (DT) Florida St. - Chargers have defensive issues, and go with the best defensive lineman available.  They were terrible against the run, Jernigan will help that.
26. BROWNS – Derek Carr (QB) Fresno St. - Now the Browns get their safe quarterback, whether that be Carr or Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. This is a better combo for them - to take the elite player at 4, and then a QB at 26 then to reach for a QB at 4.
27. SAINTS – Kony Ealy (DE) Missouri - Saints are hoping one of the above receivers fall to them at 27.  If they don't, they'll take the best edge rusher available.
28. PANTHERS – Jason Verrett (CB) TCU - Panthers have issues at offensive line and receiver, and they could definitely use this pick to address those problems.  But Verrett could be a special talent, and Carolina needs secondary help too.
29. PATRIOTS – Ra’Shede Hageman (DL) Minnesota - Patriots almost always take best player available regardless of position. But I believe this pick will be defense, and likely defensive line.
30. 49ERS – Cody Latimore (WR) Indiana - 49ers could be the stars of the draft.  They have a ton of picks and not many holes.  So they could either trade their picks for veterans, or trade their picks and move up in the draft to take an upper echelon corner or receiver. At this point, Latimore is the best available of those to positions.
31. BRONCOS – Ryan Shazier (OLB) Ohio State - They've got plenty of offense.  Someone else to protect Peyton is an option here, but I think they'll take best defensive player available.
32. SEAHAWKS – Xavier Su’a-Filo (OG) UCLA - Seahawks lost some linemen to free agency. Here's a young one to help protect Russell Wilson.

What were YOU watching?


The final round of the Masters Sunday was the lowest viewed tournament since 2004.

And people are complaining that there wasn't enough intrigue in this year's event.  

No Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson or Sergio Garcia on Sunday at Augusta.  Other big names, like Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott were nowhere near the top of the leaderboard. And of course, Tiger Woods wasn't around at all.   

But for those people who decided to check out for this week's Masters, you missed a great show.. and you only have yourself to blame. 

50 year olds competing for a major championship. A 20 year old introducing himself to the golf world as an emerging star.  And a man proving his worth, by earning his second major.  And once again not being able to hold back those emotions.  All that drama, on golf's most gorgeous stage. 
If you're complaining about this weekend's Masters, I'm not sure what you were watching.

If you can't get excited about the azaleas in early April, the green jacket ceremony on the putting green or the tears of a man living his dream, then you're not a golf fan at all.

You can keep waiting for Tiger to come back - I'll keep the tradition unlike any other.. that never disappoints.


WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - What were YOU watching?

The "No Fun League" strikes again


Football is a game, but the NFLl is a business - and they do not want to see their employees having fun while they're on the job.

How else can you explain their new ridiculous rule that may even take spiking the ball out of the game? 

Jimmy Graham is a touchdown-making machine for the New Orleans Saints.

But he celebrates those TDs like a man - he lets out his joy by slamming a football over the goal posts.

Well no more.

The Vice President of Officiating announced today that goalpost dunks will bring out a penalty flag this year.

He went on to say on the Dan Patrick Radio Show, that "using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop.. will be a foul next season."

So when will just spiking the ball become illegal? Or handing a ball to a fan? Or just lifting up a teammate?  Aren't those all, using a prop?

I understand that Terrell Owens, or Chad Ochocinco may have taken things too far back in the day but this is ridiculous.

The former Hurricane Graham tweeted out today the he guesses he'll have to lead the league in penalties and showed a picture of a referee trying to block his dunk

See, that's funny.  These are young men trying to keep the fun in the game they love.

Maybe Mark Cuban is right. Maybe the NFL is ready to implode. Because if it keeps trying to take out the fun for the players, the "No Fun League" won't be fun for the rest of us.

Spotting the Future - 2014 NASCAR trends


Like a teenager losing to his little brother in H-O-R-S-E, NASCAR keeps changing the rules on us - and incredibly close to the season too.  Now 16 teams will make the Chase (too many) and after each three races in the Chase, the bottom 4 get dropped out of the running (I like it). NASCAR will never tweak the schedule enough for the majority of Americans to care about its stretch run in early fall. The one change NASCAR really needs to make - end their season earlier.
But that won't happen, so let's just enjoy the season until the pigskin starts, shall we?

Here are some of the key drivers in sports, and how their careers are trending going into 2014. Plus, we'll forecast where their careers will be headed at the end of the year.

Trending Up:

Jimmie Johnson - Johnson may have had his streak broken, but he showed that he's still the sport's best driver by getting his sixth championship. He's the Derek Jeter of NASCAR, unless you're a big fan of him, you don't really like him. But damn, you have to respect him. Forecast for 2014? - Keeps Steady. It would be more shocking if he wasn't a factor at all then if he won his 7th championship.

Matt Kenseth - You could say 2014 was the best season of Matt's career - even better than his Champion season. The 20 was the best car pre-Chase, and he seemed to fit perfectly at Gibbs. Plus with Denny Hamlin's issues, Gibbs could put all their eggs in the Kenseth basket. Forecast for 2014? - Keeps Steady. I think Kenseth should be right alongside Jimmie Johnson as the favorite to hoist the Sprint Cup at the end of the year.

Kyle Busch - After a few down years, Busch retook his spot as one of the best drivers in the game.  4 wins and a fourth place finish have Rowdy as a driver to be reckoned with again.  Forecast for 2014? - Rising. I've always felt that Busch is the most tenacious and hungry driver in the field. He makes his best run yet at a Championship in 2014.

Joey Logano - White Bread had the best season of his career, making the Chase and being consistently competitive for the first time.  Forecast for 2014? REALLY hard to predict. I could see it going either way for Logano - he's finally toughened up a little, but I'm not sure if it's enough to be a real winner.  Likely he wins a race and slips into the huge Chase field.

Clint Bowyer - Not a great 2013 by any means (he had zero wins but still finished 7th in the final standings) but I feel like he's a guy that continues to improve, and always is a guy to be reckoned with. Forecast for 2014? - Rising. Bowyer is the reason why Michael Waltrip Racing has become a team a factor in the sport.

Keeping Steady:

Kevin Harvick - The best active driver to not have a championship? He's in the hunt every single year, but that was as the tentpole for RCR. Now he races for Tony.  Forecast for 2014: Beginning to dip. This is a whole new ballgame at SHR - I doubt he'll miss racing at Childress, but that doesn't mean he's an immediate title contender either.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Junior claims his team keeps getting better.  But when will his flock of fans see him become that consistent winner again. Forecast for 2014: Steady.  Lock it in - 2 victories and a 9th place finish in the Chase.

Ryan Newman - He's has some big victories on his resume, but he couldn't keep his job over Stewart-Haas. Now he'll look to team up with Austin Dillon to try to keep RCR a competitive squad.  Forecast for 2014: Falling.  Newman will be one of those drivers thankful that the Chase expands.

Kasey Kahne - Kahne has become successful at Hendrick, and he's more hard-nosed than the pretty face lets on.  You could argue he's trending slightly upwards.  Forecast for 2014: Steady.  The question is not can Kahne be a very good driver.  The question is can he become a GREAT driver.  Jury is still out.

Greg Biffle - He's a nice guy, but there's no more boring guy to see out front than Greg Biffle. Forecast for 2014: Yawn.

Trending Down:

Carl Edwards - I could've sworn this guy would be the next great champion. Now he's missed the Chase the last two years. Can't really explain it.  Forecast for 2014: Going up.  Because I don't think this slump can go on another year.

Danica Patrick - She finished 27th in points in 2014, and while expectations were relatively low, somehow she seemed to not even reach them.  Forecast for 2014: Slightly up? Now it seems to be okay for people to say publicly what they were thinking to themselves a year ago - that she can't handle driving Sprint Cup cars. She has a long road to climb to prove those people otherwise.

Martin Truex Jr. - Truex lost his job, and now is driving that funky black & pink 78 Furniture Row car. Kurt Busch proved you could contend in it, but does anyone think that Truex is as good a driver as Kurt Busch? Forecast for 2014? I don't.

Tony Stewart - Two years removed from a Championship, Stewart broke his leg and missed most of the season.  Outlook for 2014: Not up. I think this is the first season that Tony starts to think about becoming an owner more and a driver less.

Brad Keselowski - After winning the Championship, Kez missed the Chase last year.  Outlook for 2014: Of anything that I've written here, what I believe the most in is this - Brad Keselowski is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2014. His Championship was not a fluke, 2013 was.  He will have at least 5 victories, and contend for the Cup.

16 Drivers that make the Chase: Johnson, Kenseth, Ky. Busch, Ku. Busch, Bowyer, Harvick, Earnhardt Jr. Hamlin, Kahne, Biffle, Edwards, Keselowski, Dillon, Logano, Gordon, Stewart   

2014 Daytona 500 winner: Kurt Busch

2014 Sprint Cup Champion: Brad Keselowski 

Who's the Dumb one?


Marcus Smart deserves to be suspended.

No athlete can go into the stands and put his/her hands on a patron.

But I hope this instance opens discussion about the bigger issue.

If you somehow missed the altercation between the Oklahoma State guard and the Texas Tech fan, you can see it here.

Smart is 19 years old.  The man he's shoving is an almost 60 year old "adult" named Jeff Orr.

Orr says that he called Smart "a piece of crap".  The 19 year old has apologized. So has Orr.

But it doesn't end there.

Professional athletes make millions of dollars, or at least hundreds of thousands.  As part of this massive wealth, they have to deal with paparazzi, a lack of privacy, and obnoxious fans.  That comes with the territory - it's part of the contract when you sign that deal.

But college athletes don't make those big bucks.  In fact, Smart could've been a top 5 draft pick last year, but instead returned, because, he says, you only get one chance to go to college.

Orr, and men like him, need to look in their mirror and ask themselves what makes them such big men that they can spew profanity at kids a third of their age.

Orr has suspended himself from the rest of the Texas Tech home games, and he's actually handing it very well. 

But will it actually change how the Jeff Orrs of Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina and every other school across the country treat opposing players?

I'm guessing most of them would wear it as a badge if they get their opposing team's star suspended.

Now who's the piece of crap?

Most important player in the Super Bowl? It's not Peyton


The most important player in the Super Bowl is a quarterback.

But it's not Peyton Manning.

Russell Wilson took a back seat to Marshawn Lynch in the Seahawks offense this year - he registered 250 yards passing in a game just four times this season - and his TD/INT ratio is 4/3 over the past four games.

But he's not hurt, or in a slump - the Seahawks have just not NEEDED him to make huge plays to win most games.

They ARE going to need him Sunday.

I see the physical Seahawks defense being able to intimidate the Denver receivers.  The Broncos will not be able to score 30 points.

But they may score 24, or 27, and if that's the case than the Seahawk offense will have to make big plays.

And the pressure falls on Wilson's shoulders. The Broncos will go all-out on stopping Lynch and the run game.  As much as the Seahawks will want to run the clock and keep the ball out of Manning's hands, they will not find that much success against 8 defenders in the box.  Wilson will have to make big plays to Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate, but also use Zach Miller, and possibly Percy Harvin, to keep drives alive.

I can come up with numerous reasons why the Seahawks should win this game.

1. I think the Seahawk secondary will push around the Broncos receivers.

2. The Seahawks have a top-3 running game in the entire NFL and the Broncos will have to over-commit.

3. Seattle's front 7 is strong enough to limit the Broncos' running game, and, possibly, get Manning to move around.

4. If the weather does turn bad, the Seahawks are built better to handle it.

5. As a team, I just think they're tougher.

I can come up with only one reason why I think the Broncos should win this game.

1. Peyton Manning.

Somehow, Peyton by himself does seem to even out the mismatches.

So the key for the Seahawks is to make sure that quarterback play is not that much of a mismatch.

They need big plays from Russell Wilson.

And I think they get them.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Most important player in the Super Bowl? It



We've all had enough.

Alex Rodriguez - take your glove and go home. And take Bud Selig with you.

Baseball has had a week to forget - with Dan Le Batard's mockery of the Hall of Fame voting process, to their biggest star of the last decade being dragged through the muck on national television.  (Later in the day, and on the same network, of the biggest NFL games of the season.  Nice look, MLB).

CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley outtro'ed his story on ARod by pointing out that no sport has as harsh of performance-enhancing drug rules that Major League Baseball.  And those rules were created by Selig.

Well, pardon me if I hold my applause.

Performance enhancing drugs have ruined Major League Baseball.  No sports fans treasure their record book and their Hall of Fame like baseball fans.  Obviously, PEDs have sullied the record book. But now it's done the same with the Hall of Fame. Why should we care who makes, or who doesn't make, the Hall anymore?  The best players of this era were dirty.  We know which stars used, and we assume the other ones did too.  So for the next decade, we're just going to let little guys get in the Hall? Here's a shocker: Cooperstown is facing declining attendance.

Selig ruined the MLB by letting steroids become commonplace.  You had to use PEDs to keep the playing field even, not the other way around.

He doesn't now get to take credit for making the rules on steroids more stringent.

It's fitting that ARod is the guy he's being the harshest with.  Selig is trying to take one more man down with him as he exits into retirement.

But it's too little, too late. Selig going on "60 Minutes" strikes of desperation.  It seems like they're trying to pound the nails even harder into ARod's coffin - pound them too hard, and you'll break the coffin.

Besides, Selig created ARod. Rodriguez is a child of the steroid era, and that era existed because of Selig.

Both of these men are villains to the sport of baseball.  And it's time for them to exit the stadium. Don't bother tipping your cap.


More than just Famous, Jameis is Fantastic






Just "Famous" doesn't give Jameis Winston enough credit.

Last night Winston lead the Seminoles to their third national championship, with an incredible final quarter and a half.  After going 11-25 to start the game, he was 9-10 with 117 yards and two touchdowns on his final two TDs of the season.

Auburn wanted to make Florida State play the fourth quarter - because they dominated people all season, they got to rest their starters.

In this final BCS Championship Game, Winston showed that he can play his best when his back is up against the wall.  He ONLY played well in the fourth quarter.

Winston is honest, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he has a gift of gab.  So much so, he delivered the most memorable post-championship game television interview since this.

He's an incredible young man, not just on the field, but how he conducts himself off of it.

This may be the beginning of the reign of one of the most likeable sports stars that we have ever seen.

And I'm so excited to see what Marvelous, Sensational, Astounding, Fantastic, Famous Jameis does next.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - More than just Famous, Jameis is Fantastic

The Top 10 Sports Stories of 2013


This was my first year in the West Palm Beach area covering sports.. and there were definitely plenty of highlights.  I boiled it down to just 10 - the best sports stories of Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.  If you feel like I have omitted something, or they're in the wrong order - let me know! 


#10 - The Williams sisters represent Team USA in Delray.  The Williams sisters play in the Fed Cup in Delray Beach. Plus it's an especially great year for Palm Beach Gardens resident Serena Williams - winning two Grand Slams and ascending to #1 in the world - possibly staking her claim as the best female tennis player ever.

#9 - FA baseball in the NCAA tournament.   The Owls played at regional host, and number one ranked North Carolina. FAU came back from a 6-2 deficit in the ninth, to take an 8-6 lead. The Heels would tie it and send it to extras.  The Owls blew a three run lead in the 12th inning and lost 12-11 in the 13th. A heatpounding, and heartbreaking way to end the season.

#8 - Salty wins it all, and is coming home.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia, a former CBS12 Athlete of the Year, and Royal Palm Beach grad, had a walkoff hit for the Red Sox in the ALCS. He then helped Boston win the World Series. After the season, Salty announced he's coming home to suit up for the Miami Marlins.

#7 - Boldin wins the Big One.  One of the most beloved players to come out of Pahokee. Anquan Boldin won his first super bowl title with the Ravens, scoring a touchdown in the win. Boldin was traded after the season to the 49ers and his charity continues to be very active in Palm Beach County.

#6 - The Perfect Panthers. Dwyer football wins all their regular season games by 24 points or more. Then cruises to 5 playoff wins, including close wins over St. Thomas Aquinas and East Lake to secure the school's first perfect season and second state championship.

#5 - A bowl game is coming to Palm Beach County. Next year FAU Stadium will host the Boca Raton Bowl for the first time. It will involve teams from the MAC, Conference-USA and AAC over the next few years. The whole region is getting holiday football fever, with the Bahamas, and Marlins Park also getting bowl games.

#4 - Buzz about a new spring training site in Palm Beach County.  Plans for the new facility has drawn plenty of opinions. It seems to be off the table for the Central Boulevard area of Palm Beach Gardens, but county officials are looking for another spot to put the home of the Astros and Blue Jays. The future of spring training baseball in the county and on the East Coast of Florida may depend on this new facility becoming a reality.

#3 - Locals dominate the BCS Championship rosters.  This was a banner year for local players in college football. 23 total players will play in Pasadena, including 17 on the Florida State Seminoles, and six on the Auburn Tigers. Maybe the best of the bunch - Park Vista grad and Auburn running back Tre Mason, who was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

#2 - The drug fiasco at Florida Atlantic. Head coach Carl Pelini and defensive coordinator Paul Rekstis resigned after being confronted by athletic director Patrick Chun that they had used illegal drugs. The resignation was later rescinded for Pelini, and he was fired instead. The silver lining, the FAU football team went 4-0 under interim coach Brian Wright.

#1 - Rory walks away.  Returning as the Honda Classic reigning champion, Palm Beach Gardens resident Rory McIlroy was the costar with Tiger Woods at PGA National. But in the middle of the second round, McIlroy, at that point ranked first in the world, walked off the course after the 9th hole, saying that he wasn't in a good place mentally. What's wrong with Rory became an ongoing story through the golf season, but it all began at the Honda.

Bowling a 300 - Guaranteed Holiday Projections!


From watching hundreds of bowl games over the years, there's one thing that I know for sure - it's almost impossible to predict how motivated a team is going to look when they show up on game day.

Maybe they want to finish above .500 and end their season with a big win.  Maybe they don't.

Maybe they want to honor their coach as he's on the way out the door.  Maybe they don't.

Maybe they want to play well in front of what could be a home crowd in their home state.  Or maybe they don't.

It's hard to understand the motivation of college kids sometimes.. especially when you send them to Las Vegas, Miami or Honolulu and expect them to be focused on football.

So these bowl projections are 100% guaranteed!

To be my best guess at what may possibly happen based on the un-scientific eye test and the unpredictability of a bunch of 20 year olds.


Saturday Dec. 21st

NEW MEXICO BOWL (Albuquerque, NM) - Colorado State vs. Washington State.  Mike Leach likes to dress up like a pirate.  There is still numerous sites in New Mexico to go panning for gold. WINNER: Washington State.

LAS VEGAS BOWL (Las Vegas, NV) - Southern California vs. Fresno State. The Trojan kids are used to going out in LA - they know what it's like to spend time in a city with bright lights.  As for the Bulldogs, I wouldn't be surprised if the offensive line spends the a few too many nights at the all-you-can-eat buffets, and Derek Carr gets locked on the roof of his hotel. WINNER: Southern California.

NEW ORLEANS BOWL (Guess...) - Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Tulane. Neither one of these teams will have an issue with playing in the Big Easy.  This is Tulane's town, and Lafayette is right down the road. Tulane is moving to an on-campus facility next year, and won't be playing in the Superdome anymore.  Last chance for a big win in their house.  (Which is really the Saints house, that they've been subletting for their entire existence, but you get the idea.) WINNER: Tulane

Monday Dec. 23rd

BEEF O'BRADY'S BOWL (St. Petersburg, FL) - Ohio vs. East Carolina.The Bearcats may be the worst team to make a bowl.  So, enjoy the Cheesy Bacon Pub Chips. WINNER: East Carolina

Tuesday Dec. 24th

HAWAII BOWL (Honolulu, HI) - Oregon State vs. Boise State.The Beavers haven't won a game since the middle of October.  Boise State is terrible playing on any surface that's not blue. Toss up to see who plays worse. WINNER: Boise State

Thursday Dec. 26th

LITTLE CAESARS BOWL (Detroit, MI) - Bowling Green vs. Pittsburgh.Pitt is 6 point dogs to Bowling Green. The Panthers were the epitome of that middle muck of the ACC this year. WINNER: Bowling Green

POINSETTIA BOWL (San Diego, CA) - Northern Illinois vs. Utah State.How much are these two teams loving being in San Diego during Christmas week? WINNER: Northern Illinois.

Friday Dec. 27th

MILITARY BOWL (Annapolis, MD) - Maryland vs. Marshall.Be smarter than the rest of the people in your bowl pool.  Do not pick Maryland just because this is a virtual home game for them. The Terps are not very good. WINNER: Marshall

TEXAS BOWL (Houston, TX) - Syracuse vs. Minnesota. I don't think we'll see a lot of scoring in this game. The Gophers have played really well since their head coach has gone on medical leave for seizures.  Honestly it was about time - I was seriously worried he was going to die on the sidelines. WINNER: Syracuse (Because I'm a homer)  

FIGHT HUNGER BOWL (San Francisco, CA) - BYU vs. Washington.As Americans sit on their couch eating potato chips, peanuts, pizza and cookies, I hope a few see this game and think about the hungry people out there.  Somehow I think they won't.  WINNER: BYU  

Saturday Dec. 28th

PINSTRIPE BOWL (New York, NY) - Notre Dame vs. Rutgers. With the Irish playing in the home of the Yankees, the Pinstripe Bowl could become the site for the National Playa Haters Ball. Just honor the Duke basketball team before the game and have Nickelback play at halftime. WINNER: Notre Dame 

BELK BOWL (Charlotte, NC) - Cincinnati vs. North Carolina. The Tar Heels have had a forgettable season, but they've played better since sophomore Marquise Williams has taken over at quarterback from Bryn Renner - 5-1 in their last 6 games.  How about that? Actual analysis! WINNER: UNC  

RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL (Orlando, FL) - Louisville vs. Miami.Because there may be real Hurricane fans reading this (by the way, email me at so I can make sure some do exist) - I'll give you some real input.  This has been a nice bounce-back season for the Hurricanes, but they have faltered against the better teams they've played this season.  Fans in Florida know how good of a coach Charlie Strong is, and you should know how good of a quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is. So... WINNER: Louisville  

BUFFALO WILD WINGS BOWL (Tempe, AZ) - Kansas State vs. Michigan. The worst game between two big-name programs.  These teams have been awful this year.  On the bright side... hmmmmmmmmm Asian Zing.... WINNER: Kansas State  

Monday Dec. 30th

ARMED FORCES BOWL (Fort Worth, TX) - Navy vs. Middle Tennessee State. Okay, some are too easy.  Look at the name of this bowl.  Look at who's playing in it.  Some of these aren't hard people.  WINNER: Navy  

MUSIC CITY BOWL (Nashville, TN) - Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech. Don't have a good feel for either one of these teams - but I'll give the edge to the SEC squad that has a month to prepare for the triple option.  WINNER: Ole Miss  

ALAMO BOWL (San Antonio, TX) - Texas vs. Oregon.You can talk yourself into taking Texas as much as you want - the game's in Texas, Mack Brown's last game as the Longhorns coach, they can save a dismal season with a win.  All of that doesn't equal to the fact that Oregon is just better. WINNER: Oregon  

HOLIDAY BOWL (San Diego, CA) - Arizona State vs. Texas Tech.Really have to give the Holiday Bowl people a lot of credit.  Any more inane name to a bowl game than Holiday Bowl? It's not sponosored.. they could've named it whatever they wanted.  Would you even have had a good guess as to where the Holiday Bowl was located if I didn't include it there for you? C'mon! Be creative!  WINNER: Arizona State

Tuesday Dec. 31st

INDEPENDENCE BOWL (Shreveport, LA) - Arizona vs. Boston College.I believe that this was a huge year for the Pac-12, and I believe that the bowl season will prove that fact.  See: Alamo Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Independence Bowl... WINNER: Arizona

SUN BOWL (El Paso, TX) - Virginia Tech vs. UCLA. -The only bowl game that you can watch on CBS12!!! Shameless plug!  The Pac-12 won't sweep, and Bud Foster is one of the best defensive coordinators in the country.  He'll find a way to limit an explosive Bruins defense. Will the Hokies get enough offense to win the game???? That's a GREAT question. WINNER: Virginia Tech  

LIBERTY BOWL (Memphis, TN) - Mississippi State vs. Rice. -Put on my blue suede shoes and, boarded a plane. Touched down in the land of the Delta Blue, in the middle of the pouring rain... WINNER: Mississippi State 

CHICK-FIL-A BOWL (Atlanta, GA) - Duke vs. Texas A&M. -This is not a confidence pool, but if it was, 30 points right here.  Johnny Manziel in his final college game, against Duke?!?! WINNER: Texas A&M

Wednesday Jan. 1st

HEART OF DALLAS BOWL (Dallas, TX) - UNLV vs. North Texas. -See San Diego? This is how you name a bowl game! WINNER: North Texas

GATOR BOWL (Jacksonville, FL) - Nebraska vs. Georgia. -A couple of teams who had a whole lot go wrong in a season where they were hoping for a lot to go right.  I'll take the Bulldogs here, but I don't like it.  And neither will Bo Pelini, but I bet I can guess his reaction after they lose.. WINNER: Georgia 

OUTBACK BOWL (Tampa, FL) - LSU vs. Iowa. -The Tigers are down to their freshman quarterback who led them to a win in the final quarter against Arkansas.  But I'm betting he gets too psyched up for this game, and the Hawkeyes are just good enough to make him pay. WINNER: Iowa  

CAPITAL ONE BOWL (Orlando, FL) - South Carolina vs. Wisconsin.One last opportunity for Jadeveon Clowney to prove he has the type of motor to be picked in the top 3 of the NFL draft.  WINNER: South Carolina  

ROSE BOWL (Pasadena, CA) - Stanford vs. Michigan State. -Two of the best defenses in the country - it may come down to whoever can get in the end zone.  I haven't been kind to the Big 10 in this column, and I think they lose the one that matters the most. WINNER: Stanford 

FIESTA BOWL (Glendale, AZ) - Baylor vs. UCF. -UCF is better than the rest of the country realizes, but that Baylor offense is unstoppable.  The Golden Knights are double digit underdogs in this game, and I can see the Bears trailing late and then beginning to unravel.  Still, it's very hard to pick against one of the best offenses in the country against a defense that has seen nothing like it all year long.  WINNER: Baylor 

Thursday, Jan. 2nd

SUGAR BOWL (New Orleans, LA) - Alabama vs. Oklahoma. - Nick Saban vs. Bob Stoops. Analysis over. WINNER: Alabama  

Friday, Jan. 3rd

COTTON BOWL (Arlington, TX) - Missouri vs. Oklahoma St. -A top 5 bowl game right here - I love both of these teams in a total coin-flip game.  I'm going to be watching this one for sure... WINNER: Missouri  

ORANGE BOWL (Miami, FL) - Ohio State vs. Clemson. -Buckeye-haters believed that they'd be exposed in the national championship game as frauds. Instead they couldn't even get there, getting knocked off by Michigan State the last week of the season.  Now, they'll be proven fraudulent by the Tigers explosive offense.  WINNER: Clemson  

Saturday, Jan. 4th

BBVA COMPASS BOWL (Birmingham, AL) - Houston vs. Vanderbilt. -One of the best seasons in Vanderbilt football history - 'Dores beat Florida, Tennessee and Georgia in the same season for the first time ever.  I'm betting they'll handle the Cougars.  WINNER: Vanderbilt  

Sunday, Jan. 5th

GODADDY.COM BOWL (Mobile, AL) - Ball State vs. Arkansas State. -Not sure how Alabama because the nation's capital for post-New Year's atrocious bowl games.  WINNER: Ball State

Monday, Jan. 6th

BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Pasadena, CA) - Auburn vs. Florida State. -Okay, no more fooling around. Auburn has faced stiffer competition this season, and emerged with an SEC Championship belt. While Florida State racked up plenty of wins against the ACC muck, they've blown out every team that they've played. I worry sometimes when a team has crushed everyone what happens when they're in a game that's exceptionally close.  Especially with a freshman quarterback.  Still, it's hard to doubt Jameis, he's answered every bell this season, and now there's just one more left. WINNER: Florida State 








There's only 1 that can be #3


The most iconic numbers in sports are retired. There's a reason why that is - it's to honor the person that wore that number; what they did on the field/court/track, how they helped grow their sport, what they meant to the sport's fan base.

When you retire a number, fans speak about the reverence for that player. They look up and see that number on the outfield wall, or in the rafters, and remark about how special that one player was, because no one can wear that number again.

NASCAR should have retired the #3, and it's ridiculous that Richard Childress feels he is "honoring" Dale Earnhardt by having his grandson drive his car.

RCR announced Wednesday that Austin Dillon will be driving the #3 car in the sport's top series next year.

In the press conference, Childress says he's giving old Earnhardt fans a new driver to root for.  That's exactly what he's banking on - more interest in his team.  His elder statesman, Jeff Burton, has been awful in recent years and is being ushered out.  His best drivers, Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer, have left to join other teams.  RCR is moving to irrelevance.  And bringing the 3 back, is the one thing they can do to make noise for next season.

With all due respect to the King, Earnhardt is the most iconic person in the sport. He was the sport's biggest star when it made the jump into mainstream racing.  He made a connection to race fans like no other driver has, and it would be hard to believe, anyone ever having again.  And most of all, he died right in front of our eyes, on the sport's biggest stage.

His life will continue to be honored by NASCAR.  But Earnhardt leaves the biggest legacy of any driver, and he deserves to have the biggest honor you can bestow.

There should only be 1 driver to ride that #3. And NASCAR failed to make sure that happened.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - There

Bye Bye BCS - Good Riddance


Florida State is one win away from playing in the national championship game, and they would deserve it.

And if Ohio State beats Michigan State in the Big 10 title game, they should make it too.

But they won't.  The one loss winner of the SEC will likely wind up leap-frogging Ohio State because of the perceived difficulty of the conference.  The common belief is that "the SEC is a MUCH better league than Big 10, so therefore, the SEC champion is more DESERVING of a national championship shot than the Big 10 champion".

And herein lies the problem that I've always had with the BCS.

We have people behind keyboards, and mathematical equations dictating who should play for a national championship, and not players on the field.

Ohio State plays big boy football. They play at the highest level of Division 1.  They have beaten every team that has lined up in front of them.

And they have won every time.

FBS football is the only college sport at any level that you can win all of your games and not have a chance to win a national championship.

And that's not fair.

There are pundits and talk radio hosts that would respond to that with "Life's Not Fair". 

Well sports are not life.  We have an established set of rules that we create and control for each sport to ensure that no athlete has an unfair advantage over another.

The new playoff system will only begin to fix what the BCS has screwed up over the years.  We are going to need more playoff teams than just 4, and I believe one day we will get at least 8 and maybe 16.

Because hypotheticals and biased opinions shouldn't judge who gets a chance at a BCS Championship.  It should happen on the field.

Auburn lost to LSU earlier this season. Missouri fell to South Carolina.  Ohio State has answered every test that they have faced.

There should be a battle of undefeateds in the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena. As long as the Seminoles and Buckeyes take care of business Saturday.

Why the Dolphins are better than...


After one of the most embarrassing weeks in the history of the franchise, the Dolphins bounced back with one of their biggest wins of the year.  Now, not only do they get their confidence back, but they're in a great position to still make the playoffs.

The Fins are fighting with 8 other teams for one final playoff spot.

Assuming that the Chiefs, Broncos, Colts, Patriots and Bengals will all earn postseason berths, the Fins are fighting for the #6 seed.

So while the odds don't seem to be in their favor, I actually believe the Fins are in a great position to still make the playoffs.

Here is why the Dolphins are better than the other 8 teams they are up against:

New York Jets (5-5) - The only other 5-5 team, the Jets have certainly looked better at times than the Dolphins have looked at their best.  But New York has had some absolute clunkers behind rookie quarterback Geno Smith. The Fins have two games remaining against the Jets - if they win both of those games, New York is out of the running.

Baltimore Ravens (4-6) - The Ravens have been shameful in their title defense. They can't run the ball and Joe Flacco is the most overpaid player in football since Albert Haynesworth. The Ravens defense has shown zero ability to bounce back from the losses of their leaders from last year.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) - There have been times this season when the Steelers have played like the worst team in the entire NFL. They have found a little bit of juice in the running game behind Le'Veon Bell, but their defense has been gashed almost all season.

San Diego Chargers (4-6) - You just watched them and their issues.  That win is worth two games here.. because if the Chargers and Dolphins wind up tied, San Diego is staying home.

Cleveland Browns (4-6) - Remember that team that the Dolphins beat 23-10 on their home field in Week 1? The Browns are worse today then they were at the beginning of the season.

Tennessee Titans (4-6) - Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback now.  Moving on...

Oakland Raiders (4-6) - Raiders are just barely good enough to keep games interesting. Terrelle Pryor has had some good games, but now he's hurt, as is almost all of their best offensive players. Also worth noting, they are the RAIDERS.

Buffalo Bills (4-7) - Bills are probably in too deep of a hole to get into this discussion, and their only chance is the luck that has evaded them through the first 11 weeks, comes back in waves for the final five games. 

9-7 is almost definitely going to win this Wild Card.  For the Fins that means a 4-2 finish.  They have home games against the Patriots and Panthers, where they will be underdogs, and road games at the Steelers and Bills to go along with their home and home with the Jets.

They can find a way to get four wins in that stretch.

And who knows? With this motley group of teams they're fighting with, 8-8 might just be good enough.


WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Why the Dolphins are better than...

In Incognito madness, no one can hide


Richie Incognito is a ticking time bomb. With an incredibly short fuse.

This exodus from the Dolphins marks the fourth time that he has been forced to leave a team because of personnel issues. (Grantland outlines his past experience as a an inconsiderate, pain-in-the-butt)

And now it seems, thanks to some great reporting from our friends at The Sun-Sentinel, that the coaches pushed Incognito to "toughen up" Jonathan Martin, after Martin was a no-show at OTA's.

If that's the case, heads are going to roll.

The Dolphins know what they have in Incognito. This promo, was obviously made tongue-in-cheek. And now, seems completely unbelievable.

And there are numerous videos on the internet like this one, of Incognito raging in public and yelling profanity.

So the Dolphins coaches knew.. which makes their request absolutely UNacceptable.

Is the owner to blame when a pit bull attacks a neighbor?  He certainly is when he let's go of the leash and says "Go Get Him".

It certainly is a sad state of affairs that an adult can threaten and demean a co-worker to the point that they can't take it anymore.

But what I find much more troubling, is that Martin felt like he had no one within the Dolphins to turn to. He didn't go to Joe Philbin.  He didn't go to Cam Wake, or another veteran leader on the team. He didn't even go to someone in the front office.  He felt like he had absolutely no one to turn to - and had to quit the team.

So maybe Martin knew that Incognito was on coaches' orders.

And if the NFL can prove that, there will be a new set of coaches in Miami next year.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - In Incognito madness, no one can hide

The Fins at the Bye


The Dolphins have problems.  Like serious problems.

But that being said, they need to be ecstatic right now to be 3-2 at the bye.

Before the season started, I wrote in this space that if they went 2-3 in their first five weeks, they should be happy.

So, 3-2? Let's have a party.

The Dolphins have just finished the toughest five game stretch of their schedule. 

While some games may seem tougher from here on out (home against San Diego, home against Cincinnati) other games are actually easier (at Tampa, the Patriots games).

They've put themselves in a great place to make a run at the AFC title, and at the very least, earn a playoff spot.

Now, they must do a better job at protecting Ryan Tannehill.  Right now he's on pace to break the record for being sacked in a season.  He's on pace for 77 sacks - most quarterbacks don't make it that far because they get hurt from all those hits.

And they MUST find a way to be more consistent running the ball - they now have two games in which they've run for less than 25 yards in the entire game.  That's pretty pathetic.

Now they're defense seems to be banged up - with Cameron Wake, Dannell Ellerbe, Dimitri Patterson, Koa Misi, and others nursing injuries.

So, a perfect time to have a bye.  A perfect time to get healthy on defense.  A perfect time to get the issues with the offensive line fixed.  A perfect time to look back at what has been a great start to the season - and look ahead to what can be accomplished.

AFC Rankings

1. Denver

2. Kansas City

3. Indianapolis

4. Baltimore

5. Dolphins

6. Bengals

7. Patriots

8. Titans

9. Browns

10. Texans

11. Jets

12. Chargers

13. Bills

14. Raiders

15. Steelers

16. Jaguars

NFC Rankings

1. Saints

2. Seahawks

3. 49ers

4. Packers

5. Lions

6. Bears

7. Cowboys

8. Cardinals

9. Eagles

10. Falcons

11. Panthers

12. Rams

13. Vikings

14. Redskins

15. Giants

16. Bucs


WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - The Fins at the Bye

No overreaction here - Dolphins wins VERY impressive


There's only one AFC team that's looked more impressive through two games than the Miami Dolphins.

That's the Broncos.

But other than Denver, no AFC team has played better than the Fins so far in 2013.

The Dolphins are one of only five AFC teams that are 2-0 (there's only three in the NFC).

The Fins win over the Browns is one of only three double-digit victories by road teams (others are KC over JAX and DEN over NYG).

The Fins win over the Colts is one of only two games where a visiting team has beat a playoff team from last year on their home field (other is Eagles over Redskins in Week 1).

The Broncos have looked incredible with blowout wins over the Ravens and Giants, but the rest of the AFC has not impressed.

The Texans are 2-0, but they've needed an OT touchdown and a last minute of regulation touchdown to get there.

The Patriots are 2-0, but have barely beat teams they were double-digit favorites over.

The Chiefs are 2-0, but one win came over the hands-down worst team in football, Jacksonville.

So the Dolphins have the 2nd most impressive start in the conference.

But as we know, a 2-0 start does not a great season make.  In 2010, the Fins started 2-0, and finished 7-9.

But it is a dandy start.

AFC Top 10 through Week 2

1. Denver

2. Miami

3. Kansas City

4. Houston

5. New England

6. San Diego

7. Cincinnati

8. Baltimore

9. Tennessee

10. Indianapolis

NFC Top 10 through Week 2

1. Seattle

2. San Francisco

3. New Orleans

4. Chicago

5. Green Bay

6. Atlanta

7. St. Louis

8. Philadelphia

9. Arizona

10. Dallas



WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - No overreaction here - Dolphins wins VERY impressive

First Game? Fins must win


The NFL season is 17 weeks.  It's 16 games. It starts in very early September, and the regular season ends in very late December.

But I'm going to say it anyway.

If the Dolphins want to have a chance at the playoffs,

If the Dolphins want to challenge the Patriots for the AFC East title,

If the Dolphins want to be relevant in the NFL landscape in 2013,

They MUST win Sunday at Cleveland.

Yes, just one game in, the Dolphins are facing a must-win scenario.

Why?  Let's take a look at their schedule.

The Fins have a bye in Week 6, and their preceding schedule is absolutely brutal.

After the game at Cleveland, it goes like this.

Week 2: at Indianapolis

Week 3: vs. Atlanta

Week 4: at New Orleans

Week 5 vs. Baltimore.

There's a reigning Super Bowl Champion in there, two other playoff teams from last year, and another, in the Saints, who may have the best offense in the NFL.

So a loss to an improved Cleveland Browns squad means (gulp!) 0-5 going into the bye is a definite possibility.

The Browns have a top 10 defense, and one of the best young running backs in the league.  But this game is the easiest of their pre-bye games.

So, it's a definite must-win.

After the bye, the schedule gets easier.  There are home games against San Diego and Carolina, and of course two apiece vs. the Bills and Jets.

But if they start 0-5, or even 1-4, the playoffs will seem very very very far away.  I can't imagine what the psyche of any team would be like at 0-5.

That being said, 2-3 may not look great on paper, but they should be ecstatic if they can get to that before Week 6.

In the AFC in 2013, 9-7 could very well make the playoffs.  For the Dolphins' year to be a success, that's where they have to get to.  If they lose to the Browns Sunday, I don't see 9 other wins on that schedule.

What would be a success in your mind for the Dolphins in 2013?

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - First Game? Fins must win

Don't be a homer - Fantasy Fins


The Dolphins have added some explosive weapons to their offense, and even the most skeptical fans believe that unit should be better this year. But should you use those weapons to win your fantasy football league?

Before I break down each Dolphin's fantasy value, here are some parameters - these projections are for 12 team non-PPR leagues with standard scoring. 

Ryan Tannehill - Definitely the place to start, Tannehill is not creating a lot of fantasy buzz this preseason despite the amount of new weapons he has around him.  That's because of two reasons. First, he had a ridiculously low TD total last year (12).  Most decent quarterbacks have around 25 touchdowns - even if you're projecting improvement in year 2, DOUBLING his touchdown total does seem unlikely.  The other reason why he's not going very high in drafts, is that the quarterback pool is very deep.  The explosion of Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick last year has brought the total of "Very Good" quarterbacks to 12.  That's not including dependable QBs like Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andy Dalton. 

Final Thoughts: Tannehill is not a quarterback you want to have to start in Fantasy.  I have him ranked as my 25th best QB going into the season.  If it's a 12 team league, and each team drafts two QBs, I guess that means I don't think he should be drafted.  If you have faith that he will make a sophomore leap, than take a flier on him in one of the final few rounds.  But I wouldn't take him over guys like Sam Bradford or Carson Palmer.

Mike Wallace - He was one of the most sought-after free agents, and he has some of the best speed in the league.  His numbers tapered off last year, as he was held to 64 catches for 836 yards, and 8 TDs in 15 games.  That was with Ben Roethlisberger, a better quarterback than Tannehill.

Final Thoughts: As much as Dolphins fans would like to think so, Wallace is not a first tier, or second tier wide receiver. It's hard to believe that he would have the best season of his career in his first year in Miami. Expectations should be around what he did last year.  That's good for the Dolphins, not GREAT for your fantasy team. I have him ranked 24th among wide receivers, and could stomach seeing him go as high as 20th.

Brian Hartline - The most dependable receiver the Dolphins have, Hartline has some explosive games last year. He had a career season, with 74 catches for over 1,000 yards.  The issue with Hartline has a fantasy receiver, is he has a history of not being able to get in the end zone. He has just 6 touchdowns in his 4 year career.

Final Thoughts: Most fantasy experts don't believe Hartline is draftable. I do not think his numbers will go down BECAUSE of Wallace in the picture.  I think the same number of catches and yards are in reach, and if he can turn his 1 touchdown from last year into 5-6, then he becomes a reliable play. I have him as my 48th ranked wide receiver.

Lamar Miller - Miller is expected to earn the starting running back spot, but his future has got a lot more cloudy.  He has been splitting carries with Daniel Thomas now with the first team, and the thoughts of him breaking out into a top 20 running back seems more unlikely now.

Final Thoughts: I don't like drafting players without a proven track record, who are battling for a job. He could run for 1200 yards and 8 touchdowns, or he may be worthless for you.  I have him as my 30th rated running back, and he is sliding.

Daniel Thomas - Now Thomas is the hot name with the Dolphins.  But he has been before, and he's just never been able to stay healthy.

Final Thoughts: You are playing with fire here.  So many questions in Thomas's career, it's tough to draft him with any confidence.  However, if you take Miller, than doubling up with Thomas in a very late round could guarantee that you have the starting running back for the Dolphins.  If they split carries all year, then you're screwed. But if one wins out, you're golden.  If I don't draft Miller, I'm not drafting Thomas.

Dolphins Defense - The Dolphins did not have a very successful fantasy season on defense last year.  By rankings, they finished 18th in total points. With the strength of the defensive line, some young playmakers in the secondary, and the attention in camp to forcing turnovers, the defense must be better from a fantasy standpoint.

Final Thoughts: They have not proved they're an elite defense yet, but they should be useful from a fantasy perspective. I like to be the last person to draft a defense, and then pick up and release teams depending on their matchups.  Going up against the Jets and Bills twice a year, will make this defense at the very least be a spot starter, and possibly a top 12 unit. 

Those are all the Dolphins players that I believe are relevant from a fantasy perspective. If you have any thoughts about the upcoming fantasy season - send them my way.



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"End of Days" trade, not so bad


Listen, I totally understand why everyone hates Jeffrey Loria.

But, his fire sale to the Blue Jays this offseason is actually looking more like a stroke of genius.

All five players that were sent to Toronto that were supposed to be major parts of their plan to contend with A-L East have faltered.

While the prospects and young guns that the Marlins received in return have not totally panned out yet, it's better to have young players to be optimistic about, than veterans who may be washed up.

Let's take a look at the main players:

Jose Reyes: The centerpiece in this deal, Reyes is by no means washed up. But at a position where it's easy to get slid into and injured, that's exactly what happened. Reyes has played in just 54 games this year, and while he's still putting up good numbers, Toronto's season went into the toilet when he was on the disabled list.

Josh Johnson: Mired in the worst season of his career, Johnson is 2-8, with an ERA of 6.20, and a WHIP of 1.66.  Now he has a forearm injury, which might actually be good news for the Jays so he doesn't have to be out there getting torched.

Mark Buehrle: He has an okay record, at 8-7, but his 4.43 ERA is the second worst of his 14 year career.

Emilio Bonifacio: Hitting at .218, the worst of his career, Bonifacio was recently traded to the Royals for nothing.

John Buck: The catcher was quickly traded to the Mets, and while he has hit 14 homers, he's been terrible since June, and is hitting .218.

Yunel Escobar: Acquired by the Marlins in the trade, the Fish then shipped him to Tampa.  He's been decent, hitting .257 with 8 homers as the Rays' everyday shortstop.

And this is who the Marlins received in that trade:

Adeiny Hechavarria: As the Marlins everyday shortstop, Hechavarria has shown flashes of brilliance at the plate and in the field.  But overall, he's hitting .254 with just 26 RBI's in 105 games

Derek Dietrich: Acquired from Tampa for Escobar, Dietrich spent some time with the big club, but he hit just .214.

Henderson Alvarez: Missed most of the first half of the season because of injury, but has pitched well since getting into the starting rotation.  He's 2-1 in 8 starts, with a 3.18 ERA, and he's given up just one home run.

Jake Marisnick: Since getting called up straight from AA with Christian Yelich, Marisnick has been mostly quiet, hitting .203 in 21 games.

Justin Nicolino & Anthony DeSclafani: Pitchers have split the season at Jupiter and Jacksonville. The jury is still out.

There are lots of former Marlins fans who say they are boycotting the team because of the fire sale, and specifically this trade. But if this trade did not happen, what would the difference be? It certainly didn't help Toronto, they're right where the Marlins are.  Last place.


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Problems with Johnny Football's Johnny Hancock


Football coaches spend months, and sometimes years, trying to get star recruits' autographs.

But after they sign that letter of intent, signing their name is becoming a royal pain in those coaches' behinds.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is facing a possible suspension of NCAA rules that he received money for signing memorabilia.

Manziel certainly knew this was against NCAA rules - this is the exact sort of thing that college compliance offers are paid to let star athletes know.

So whether your think this rule is right or wrong, Johnny Football deserves punishment for putting his Johnny Hancock on stuff for money.

But the fallout has been unfair.  The University of Miami is now limiting their athletes to only signing school-issued posters at this weekend's CanesFest.  The Gators are too - but they were one of the first ones to do that 15 years ago. And the University of Louisville is banning all autographs at their signing day.

Autograph-seeking has always been a seedy affair.  Anyone who has been to as many games as I have has watched full-grown men push aside kids to get athletes to sign gear.

It certainly feels like we're coming to some sort of crossroads with the NCAA.  With anger about the ongoing investigation into the Hurricanes (will it EVER end?) and perceived unfair rules (Ohio State players  penalized for selling their OWN STUFF for tattoos), fans of college sports are getting sick of it.

So what needs to change?

Paying players? That doesn't solve ANYTHING. Players are just going to want MORE money (that's human nature right?).  Also, do all players get paid equally? It would be absolutely impossible to calculate worth.

I agree with the NCAA that allowing Manziel to get paid for giving his autograph opens up a whole can of worms.  (Boosters telling recruits "Come to our school, and we'll give you $1,000 a month for your autograph, etc.)

So, in my opinion, it is not the rules that need to change. It's the coaches.

You think Kevin Sumlin has scolded Johnny Manziel behind the scenes about all of this?  Do you think Sumlin treats Manziel like a Sophomore in college, or a superstar?

I'm willing to bet on the latter - these coaches act like they're the stars' best friends. What these players really need, is someone to keep them in line.  Someone that they don't want to let down.

They're not superstars yet.  They're college students.  And if the coaches aren't the ones to keep them in line, who will?

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First week of Prep practice


My first week of high school football practice in Florida, and I have to tell you, I'm impressed.

It is hot out there. Like, really, really, really hot.

And there is a lot of running.  Like, a TON of running.

And these young men are gutting through it.  One common theme around the area is that high school football is now a year-round sport. Players arrive for the first day of fall camp, and there is no adjustment time to get in shape.  Coaches expect their players to have worked out all summer together, and be in game-shape on Day One.  In many of the practices that I stopped at this week, that was definitely the case.

Here are some of the things that I took away from each of my stops this week:

Palm Beach Central - K.C. McDermott is one hulk of a man.  The Miami-commit offensive tackle was described by head coach Rod Harris as "the perfect player".  Seeing him with pads on, I have absolutely no idea how any defensive lineman could get around him. He's 6'6" and approaching 300 pounds - he looks like he could start for the Canes right now.  Running Back Thomas McDonald says McDermott gives him open holes, on every play.  I guess if there's one drawback - the defense knows which side the play is going on every play.

Dwyer - Certainly the trifecta of wide receivers - Johnny Dixon, Clint Stephens, Ezra Saffold - are incredible, but I also left very impressed with quarterback Daniel Parr. Great size, great arm the biggest issue he will have, is having enough snaps a game to get it to his incredible weapons.

Jupiter Christian - Quality over quantity certainly for the Eagles.  JCS only had 25 or so bodies out there, but they have some good size, and some talented players.  They went 3-7 last year, and coach Bill Powers admits his team probably won't win a state championship (he's won two, so he knows) but he says they'll be a LOT better than they were last year.  He also wanted to clear up some media reports that he had brought in some transfers - every player on the JCS roster has been a part of the school prior to this year.

South Fork - Head Coach Dennis Lavelle is a riot.  One of the funniest high school football coaches I've ever met, he's keeping pretty realistic about his team this year.  They won 9 games last year, and have to replace almost everyone on offense.  But he has one of the best defensive players in the area - Junior Linebacker Blake Lucky.

Cardinal Newman - I only got to watch Newman do wind sprints for about 45 minutes.  There are times when I'm at practices where I lament the fact that I did not play football.  Being at Cardinal Newman on Monday afternoon was NOT one of those times.  I will tell you this - the Crusaders may have the best manicured field in the county.

Park Vista - I left very impressed with quarterback Qwad Martin. He's not the biggest guy - but he's quick and has a lot of life on his ball. I thought the Cobras and Dwyer were the most impressive teams that I've seen at practice this week.

Seminole Ridge - An offseason of tumult may have little effect on the Hawks this year. Scott Barnwell is going to pick up where Matt Dickmann left off.  But, Seminole Ridge fans may be excited to find out, there may be a lot more passing in Loxahatchee this year.

Those are the 7 practices that I was able to see this week.  I will be stopping by more next week.

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There's no fixing the most boring football game of the year


The NFL is trying to fix the most boring football game of the year.

But there is no fixing the Pro Bowl.

Instead of the best players from the AFC playing the best players from the NFC.  Now the leading two vote-getters will pick their own teams - in what amounts to taking fantasy football to an entirely different level.

But this glorified pick-up game will mean less than the fantasy football league you have with your coworkers or college buddies - at least with those there is either money or pride on the line.

The Pro Bowl means NOTHING.  At a time, when football games mean EVERYTHING.

The Pro Bowl is the only "all-star game" that happens at the end of the season. The NFL doesn't want its players injuring themselves in a meaningless game, when there are meaningful games ahead.

Moving the game away from Hawaii and to the week before the Super Bowl has drawn negative reviews from NFL players.

A few years ago, Aaron Rodgers bemoaned how many of the players chose not to take the game seriously.

But when it counts for nothing, how can they take it seriously?

The act of playing in the game doesn't mean anything to players and fans.... the announcement of who makes the team is the most important part.

So let's just kill the Pro Bowl. Who would miss it?

Instead, let's have a huge post-Super Bowl party.  Like the Oscars, or the ESPYs, let's have a black tie gala, featuring comedians and musical acts in an exciting city like Vegas or L.A.  The All-Pro players will be recognized and honored, and no one will worry about getting hurt, or taking it too seriously.

The NFL season is 17 weeks of incredible fun. Then the game that is supposed to be about fun and nothing else, is a bore.  Just get rid of it.


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British Open winner will definitely be....


Picking one winner for a golf tournament is a fool's errand. It's incredibly difficult to pick the exact player in a field of 156 who's going to play the tournament of his life.

So I came up with 10 contenders - the winner of the British Open will DEFINITELY be one of these players.

In no particular order, here's the list, with why they could lift the Claret Jug:

1. Brandt Snedeker - The American tied for third in last year's British Open, and has been one of the best players in the world in the last calendar year. While he's not the first player that you think of when you think "best player to have not won a major" he has the type of steady play that can win one this week. 

2. Matt Kuchar - My pick to win the U.S. Open, was a disappointment.  But I'm not giving up on him yet - he's still got the all-around game to contend and win at Muirfield. This is the first year of his career with multiple wins, it could be his first with a major too.

3. Graeme McDowell - He's had a rollercoaster year - in 8 events, he has 3 wins and 5 missed cuts. So when he's hot, he's been real hot, and he has to be on the short list of guys who CAN win this weekend.

4. Henrik Stenson - He should've won at Castle Stuart last week, but Phil toppled him on Sunday. He's had a great year all over the world.  He'll be comfortable playing links golf, and can win as long as he stays out of his own way.

5. Phil Mickelson - He can win any event he's entered in, so he has to be on this list.  He's never won a British Open, but he hadn't won a Scottish Open either prior to last weekend.  Now that he's embraced links golf instead of fighting it (he left his driver at home this week) we know he has the short game to win the Claret Jug.

6. Lee Westwood - Almost always in contention. I'd be surprised if he wasn't this week.

7. Jason Day - He has four top 3 finishes in majors since 2011. When you think of the best players in the world, his name doesn't jump off your tongue, but he's found a way to get on that first page of the leaderboard on Sundays when it matters the most. He certainly made things interesting on Sunday at Augusta this year.  Maybe this is the week that he seals the deal.

8. Ernie Els - He's the reigning British Open champion, and he won the last British Open at Muirfield. No one will feel more comfortable than Ernie this week.

9. Zach Johnson - One of the best short games in the world, and with the course expected to play quick, you don't have to be long off the tee to contend.  Unlike some of the other players on this list (Sneds, Day & Kuch) Johnson won his major early in his career, and has been very successful in the years following.  This might be his opportunity to get #2.

10. Tiger Woods - He's been off for a month, and we don't really know how that elbow is going to hold up. But I'm not going to doubt the best player in the world, and one of the top 2 players ever.


And just for kicks, here are 5 contenders who WON'T win at Muirfield:

1. Adam Scott - He's been taking it too easy this year since winning the Masters. I can't believe he's as sharp the other top players in the field.

2. Rory McIlroy - The British Open is not the type of tournament to turn your game around overnight.

3. Justin Rose - Since breaking through as a 17 year old, Rose hasn't had a top 10 in the British Open since.  I know he just won his first major, but this event is too much in his head for him to win. Maybe he contends.. but he won't handle the pressure of a down-to-the-wire Sunday.

4. Dustin Johnson - He's been way too erratic this year.  He's the anti-Zach Johnson - he has the advantage when the course plays long. Muirfield is not expected to.

5. Luke Donald - He's the best player in the world who's never been IN CONTENTION at a major. Until he proves that he can be anything other than absolutely terrible on the biggest stages, I'm selling his stock.


What do you think about this week's British Open?

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Goodell helpless to off-the-field issues


Two more NFL players were arrested today. Raiders linebacker Kaluka Maiava was charged with assault after a bar fight, and Patriots defensive back Alfonzo Dennard was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

They've put their names on a list, that now numbers almost 50, of NFL players that have been arrested since the Super Bowl. But if you take away Aaron Hernandez, the first active player to be charged with murder since 2001, this has been a pretty typical NFL offseason for bad behavior.

666 NFL players have been arrested since January of 2000. Deadspin does a great job breaking down the NFL arrests over the past 13 years.  They found that the three most common charges in the NFL data base were DUI, assault & battery and drug possession. The numbers also show, that NFL players are less likely to be arrested than your average American adult male. However, an NFL player is more than twice as likely to face a weapons charge than your average American male.

I think the article is trying to show that NFL players don't get arrested more than your average man, so the NFL does not have a crime issue.

But of course it does.

An average man doesn't get his face plastered on ESPN, every sports page in America and on CBS12 newscasts when they get arrested.  But NFL players do.

An average man can not have a negative impact to a multi-million dollar business.  But NFL players can.

An average man is not a hero to thousands of young children all across the world.  But NFL players are.

I understand that NFL players are targets when they go out in public.  But that does not excuse domestic violence. Or driving under the influence.  Or drug possession. Or murder, of course.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has tried to implement on-the-field punishment for off-the-field issues, but that has obvious not had very little effect.


If the thought of possibly going to jail doesn't keep an NFL player from getting into a car drunk, hitting their wife, or drawing their weapon, then getting suspended a couple games won't deter them either.

What really needs to change, is the culture inside locker rooms. An NFL team is so large, that it's hard for one or two captains to keep 70 players in check.  But if each team starts a leadership committee - a group of players that keep an eye on each other, talk to those that are in trouble, set up drivers for nights of drinking, and so on, then maybe we will see players start to be more responsible when they are on their own time.

Will we ever be able to get rid of all off-the-field issues?  Of course not.  But these are young, rich, violent men, who think they own the world.  They don't think "the man" can keep them down, whether that's the police, or the commish.  Their peers and teammates may be the only ones who can get them to see that crime doesn't pay. 






The best food for an eating competition


This afternoon Joey Chestnut devoured 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Many people are repulsed by the thought of competitive eating, and that has a lot to do with what is the spectacle on July 4th in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. The competitors, especially Chestnut, look like they are in physical pain during those ten minutes. They're dunking hot dog buns in water (gross), chewing with their mouths wide open (doubly gross), and going so fast it's hard to tell sometimes if they're actually vomiting while they're eating (insanely gross).

This one event paints competitive eating in a pretty bad light.  While the spectacle is disgusting, the majority of Americans have trouble wrapping their mind around eating 2 or 3 hot dogs, never mind 60 or 70.

So that made me think of this question - If I had to participate in a eating competition, what would be my food of choice?


Let's start by eliminating possibilities:


- Anything that is mostly starch has to be eliminated. French fries, cookies, cake, breadsticks, pizza, etc. are all way too heavy.  I wouldn't get very far, because it would feel like a rock in my stomach.

- Anything too cold is out - I love ice cream, but the possibility of permanent brain freeze makes this too dangerous.

- Can't do anything too spicy.  I want to enjoy this competition, and while I like spicy foods, I don't want my tongue, lips and fingers to be on fire while I'm trying to eat.

- Steak would be too tough. Beef would be really heavy in the stomach, and after awhile, you're jaw would hurt, and you'd feel like you're eating rubber.

- It has an interesting taste.  No scrambled eggs, or baked potatoes - you have to want to keep eating as long as possible.


So these are the REAL eating competitions that I would want to watch/participate in more than the hot dog eating contest:


Ribfest Chicago's Rib-Mania Eating Championship (IL) - There are few things more tasty in this world than ribs.  Eating ribs is somewhat difficult, and that adds a challenge that keeps you interested in eating.  The food is not that heavy, and you can add different sauces to spice it up.  The only catch is that it would be incredibly messy, but that doesn't bother me.


World CheeseSteak Eating Championship at Dorney Park (PA) - While this would be a lot of starch, the tastiness of the cheesesteak makes it much more about the meat and cheese than the bread.  I'm not sure how many I could do, but I would love to try.


Boomtown Casino & Hotel Reno Lobster Eating Championship (NV) - Yes, lobster.  Most other seafood I would like to eat only in moderation, but lobster I feel would be an incredibly enjoyable way to eat yourself into oblivion.


Midway Slots World Crabcake Eating Competition (DE)  - As long as these were high-level crabcakes, and they weren't overly bready, this would be awesome.


What would YOU eat if you had to be in a eating competition?



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2013 NBA Mock Draft


      Ever since I was a sophomore in college, I've filled out a mock NBA Draft.  I've had some great ones (I had 14 correct in 2008) and some TERRIBLE ones (twice I've had only 1 right).  This draft is one of the hardest to project, with even the first pick still tough to gauge at this point.  I'm not expecting this mock draft to be too successful.. but here it goes.

      1. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS - Alex Len  7-1 255 C Maryland Soph.

      I've flip-flopped on this pick a few times over the past weeks,which shows you just how crazy this draft is. The guy here for the better part of the last year has been Noel.  Every media member in Cleveland says they have soured on Noel over the past few months. Whether that's a smoke screen or not, I'll buy in.  Len, despite being older, is a much better offensive player, and while he has recently had 1 ankle surgery, Noel is on a 2nd knee surgery.  Bad knees on a big man going #1 overall is a bad combination. So Len steals Noel's sunshine (Get it?) and goes #1.

      2. ORLANDO MAGIC - Nerlens Noel 6-11 206 PF/C Kentucky Fr. 

      Orlando is one of a few teams in this draft that are in TOTAL rebuilding mode.  Noel may not be 100% healthy for a year or so, but he could be a defensive beast after he matures.  You could say shades of Dwight Howard but Noel weighs about as much as Howard's shadow, so that may be a reach.  But there is NO question that if the Cavs pass on Noel, the Magic take him.

      3. WASHINGTON WIZARDS - Otto Porter 6-9200 SF Georgetown Soph.

      A pick that makes too much sense usually doesn't work out. But Porter is the player most ready to step in and play right away, and the Wizards really need a mature small forward to step in with Bradley Beal and John Wall.  Plus, he's a local.  But things very rarely make sense in our nation's capital, so who knows.

      4. CHARLOTTE BOBCATS - Anthony Bennett 6-7240 SF/PF UNLV Fr.

      Bobcats are the worst franchise in the league, and will be for the next decade.  They must feel like they're constantly building on quicksand - because they keep adding pieces but they never get anywhere. Bennett is a tweener forward who could have trouble finding a position in the NBA.  They could take Oladipo here.. but that would be the smart thing.  And they're the Bobcats. Lets have one more disastrous draft before they become the Hornets again, shall we?

      5. PHOENIX SUNS - Victor Oladipo 6-4 213 SG/SF Indiana Jr.

      Most people who have talked to these potential top 10 players find Oladipo to be the most impressive person in this draft - from his work ethic, to his intensity, to his love of the game.  The issue, is that the player he's comparable to in the NBA is Tony Allen. Is Tony Allen worth a #5 overall pick? That being said, the Suns can ill-afford to strike out here, as they are in in rebuild mode, and this is a guy that can you can build a team with.

      6. NEW ORLEANS PELICANS - Ben McLemore 6-5 190 SG Kansas Fr.

      When I did my first draft, I had McLemore as the #1 pick. Talent-wise, he's off the chart, with a sweet shot (even drawing Ray Allen comparisons). But he is the anti-Oladipo - he has come off as immature, and experts say he's not always confident in that sweet shot. He's the best option here for the Hornets because of his upside.  But on a team without a lot of leadership, he may just fade away. Still, he has the talent to be #1 so the Pelicans swoop down and gobble him up. (The miserable metaphors will stop eventually).

     7. SACRAMENTO KINGS - Trey Burke 6-1 190 PG Michigan Soph.

      Kings are taking point guard here, and have plenty to choose from at this point in the draft.  They need a level headed leader to handle all their head case players. Burke seems to be that type of guy.  Is Michigan's March Madness run inflating his stock?  Possibly.  But he was the #1 point guard in the country all year long. 

      8. DETROIT PISTONS - Michael Carter-William s6-6 185 PG Syracuse Soph.

      MCW is not as polished of an offensive player as some of the other point guards at this point in the draft, but he is the PERFECT fit for Detroit.  The Pistons want to move Brandon Knight from the point to the two.  Knight is 6'3", so they need a big point guard who can throw lobs to their talented big men.  MCW will take some time to ripen (yes, like an Orange) but if his shot continues to improve, he has a chance to be the best PG from this draft.

      9. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES - CJ McCollum 6-3 197 PG/SG Lehigh Sr.

      This year's Damien Lillard.  If you don't know who Damien Lillard is, get out more.  They're both well-seasoned scorers from small schools whose talents translate well to the NBA.  Lillard won the Rookie of the Year.  McCollum could too.

     10. TORONTO RAPTORS - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 6-6 205 SG Georgia Soph.

      In the college basketball landscape, you're more likely to have watched Lehigh play this year, than Georgia. SEC basketball is about as bad (if your name is not the Wildcats or Gators) as SEC football is good.  But Caldwell-Pope was the conference player of the year as a sophomore, and single-handedly turned UGA from an atrocious team to a better-than-average team.  He could certainly go one pick earlier to Minnesota.

      11. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS - Cody Zeller 7-0 230 PF/C Indiana Soph.

      At one time, Zeller was the odds on favorite to be the #1 pick. But his upside just does not match the same upside as the guys at the top. That being said, a lot of teams in the top 10 have brought in Zeller this week (including the Cavaliers) but that all may just be draft-week games.  This is more where Zeller belongs,and the 76ers need a new center, to try to block this past year of Andrew Bynum from their memory. 

      12. OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER - Steven Adams 7-0 255 C Pittsburgh Fr.

     Thunder are waiting to see just how good of a player they can get here. Adams is a guy who had ZERO basketball skills at the beginning of last season with Pitt.  And by the workouts in Chicago, he had become one of the most talented big men there. The Thunder would love to get someone who could help them right away.  Adams is certainly a work in progress, but he could act as a big body, especially if the Thunder amnesties Kendrick Perkins.  Thanks to the NBA, amnesty can now be used as a verb.

      13. DALLAS MAVERICKS - Dennis Schroeder 6-2 168 PG Germany 

      The Mavericks are somewhat in the same boat as the Celtics - once talented teams whose window is LIKELY shut, but they'd really like to find a way to stay relevant. The Mavericks would like to keep cap space open so they can pay for the big stars when they become available.  They really don't have much of consequence on their roster as-is, so they'll take best player at this point, which is this quick German point guard.

      14. UTAH JAZZ - Shane Larkin 5-11 171 PG Miami Soph.

      The Jazz will no doubt be after a point guard with either this pick or pick #21.  Shane Larkin is the kind of guy they want - great leader, dependable scorer, good vision. The bigger issue is whether they think they can get him at 21.  I think they reach out and grab him here,especially with Burke, MCW and Schroeder off the board.

      15. MILWAUKEE BUCKS - Shabazz Muhammad 6-6 225 SF UCLA Fr.

     Muhammad is a bit of a risk - he was supposed to be one of the best players in college last year, and it never really materialized. Hes got some daddy issues (read about them here) and there's even a story about him lying about his age. All of those red flags are why he's still available at 15.  The Bucks have had some success with guys that don't have the cleanest track records (this ain't your fathers Andrew Bogut-Bucks anymore, son), and with Monta Ellis opting out, they could use someone who can fill it up.

      16. BOSTON CELTICS -Sergey Karasev 6-7 197SG/SF Russia 

      The Celtics have been dealing with their coach mess, and KG mess, and Paul Pierce mess, its easy to forget, they have a draft pick to make. I don't know if Danny Ainge even knows where the Green goes from here.  Karasev is a high-volume scorer at a position which may need some filling if Pierce is to leave to LA. Gorgui Dieng is an option here, but they'll go with the younger player, as you get the feeling that the Celtics aren't close to winning again.

      17. ATLANTA HAWKS - Mason Plumlee 6-11 238 SF/PF Duke Sr.

     Which Plumlee is this? How many more are there? Do they just form out of Coach Ks back when he eats after midnight? 

      18. ATLANTA HAWKS  - Giannis Adetokonbo 6-9 205 SF Greece.

     There's no one on the internet who knows how to spell this guys name. Honestly. 

      19. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS - Lucas Nogueira7-0 220 PF/C Brazil 

     Cavaliers can afford a gamble with their second round pick. Plus, the Cavs already have a Brazilian center.  They may be awful at basketball, but this could be the best soccer playing team in the NBA.

      20. CHICAGO BULLS - Allen Crabbe 6-6 197 SG California Jr.

     Bulls need a shooter,and a replacement for Rip Hamilton.  They certainly have their choice of a few here and Crabbe fits the bill. Why? Because he has a funny name, and he is funny looking. So he fits great on the Bulls. 

     21. UTAH JAZZ - Kelly Olynyk 7-0 234 C Gonzaga Jr.

      Jazz went backcourt with first pick, they'll go front court with the second pick.  Olynyk projects more as a face-to-the-basket power forward, so he'll be able to play with Enes Kanter.

      22. BROOKLYN NETS - Rudy Gobert 7-2 238 C France

      Most Brooklyn people say the Nets are fine where they are, and are looking for someone they can stash overseas.  Because anyone who watched the Nets this year thought "Yeah, this is the best team in the NBA that has no room for improvement."

      23. INDIANA PACERS - Tim Hardaway Jr. 6-6200 SG Michigan

     Pacers need a shooter - that became obvious in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I like this move A LOT for them. Hardaway will provide instant scoring, and will give the Pacers even more insurance to move Danny Granger.

     24. NEW YORK KNICKS - Gorgui Dieng 6-11 230 C Louisville Jr.

    Dieng is just about the oldest player who is available in this draft,and he could be the center of the future post-Tyson Chandler.  Plus, he wont take shots away from Carmelo Anthony.  That seems to be what means most to the Knicks.

     25. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS - Tony Snell 6-7 198 SG/SF New Mexico Jr.

     End of this draft I see a big run on wing players.  They're becoming the most important role players on NBA teams (think Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Lance Stephenson, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard).  The Clippers are close to being a title contender, adding the best shooter, who has really good size, is the move here.

     26. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES - Jamaal Franklin 6-5 191 SG/SF San Diego St. Jr.

    Speaking of Leonard, Franklin has drawn a lot of comparisons to him, because of his game and because of their SD State pedigree.  Franklin is not as good of a shooter though, which is why he won't be taken as high as Leonard was.  Franklin is a long defender, and the Timberwolves went offensive first.. so they'll go defensive second.

      27. DENVER NUGGETS - Reggie Bullock 6-7 200 SG/SF North Carolina Jr.

    Again, a team in need of a shooter on the wing.  This is a shooter on the wing.  Move along, nothing else to see here.

     28. SAN ANTONIO SPURS - Isaiah Canaan 6-0 190 PG Murray State Sr. 

    The Spurs are smarter than all of us, and they typically have their own thoughts on players that are different than the norm.  And they're usually right.  It would make sense that at this point they're keeping their eye out for a future replacement for Tony Parker, or a future replacement for Manu Ginobili.  Canaan is the type of heady player that it would seem like the Spurs would like.  (If Coach Popovich likes ANYTHING, that is.)

    29. OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER - Glen Rice Jr. 6-6 211 SG NBA Developmental League.  

    The Thunder keeps adding players, and they've got their choice of some talented wings here.  Glen Rice Jr. got kicked out of Georgia Tech, and then led his D-League team in scoring.  Some team is going to take a chance on him, and the Thunder can afford to take chances.

     30. PHOENIX SUNS  - Ricky Ledo 6-6 197 SG Providence, Fr.

      It's over!!!!!!!

Who do you think should be the first pick in the NBA Draft?

Phil's unexplainable Open history


Again? How can this possibly happen again?

Phil Mickelson called his runner-up finish at the U.S. Open: "heartbreaking".

And there are plenty of reasons for him to call it so:

1. He had the lead after the first, second and third rounds.

2. He wanted to celebrate his 43rd birthday with one of the biggest gifts in his sport.

3. He wanted to award his daughter the trophy on Father's Day - just five days after he made the now famous overnight flight to the first tee from her 8th grade graduation.

4. He wanted to honor his own father on Father's Day - the man who taught him the game, and passed away 11 years ago.

5. He's one of the best American golfers in the history of the game - and he wanted to win America's championship.

But of course, the one that gets the most traction -

6. He's been this close 5 times prior.

We've seen this story before - at Pinehurst, and Shinnecock and Winged Foot and Bethpage (twice) - Phil puts himself into contention, but at the end he just can't make the shots that someone else makes.

Not surprisingly, in five of the six runner-up finishes the winner has outscored Phil on Sunday.

In four of those six, he's been either the leader after the 2nd or the 3rd round.

In none of those six, has he played the course under par in the final round.

The numbers all tell the story, of how Phil never has won.. but why is a much more challenging question.

Lefty has 41 Tour wins - only 8 golfers have more.

He has 3 Masters victories - only 3 golfers have more.

He has 4 total Major wins - only 14 golfers have more.

This is not a man who chokes under pressure.  But still, at his nation's championship, he remains the bridesmaid.

What it teaches us is that the golf gods are fickle. On Father's Day 2013, they decided Justin Rose, a man who no doubt deserved his first major, had finally reached HIS time for greatness. 

Mickelson LOST this major, as much as Rose WON it. But that's my stance on this inane argument in all cases - in any sport a team/player loses, as much as the other one wins.  Mickelson had opportunities to beat Rose and he did not do it.

Just like in 1999 at Pinehurst and Payne Stewart.

And 2004 at Shinnecock and Retief Goosen.

And 2006 at Winged Foot and Geoff Ogilvy.

And any golf tournament that Phil played in that he didn't win.

Mickelson will have to go to sleep knowing that another U.S. Open slipped through his fingers.

And the only thing that may comfort him is he must be used to it by now.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Phil

U.S. Open pick - I got the Kuch


We all know Tiger Woods is the top-ranked player in the world, and Rory McIlroy is cemented in that #2 spot.  Masters winner Adam Scott has climbed to #3.

#4? That's occupied by the steady Kuch.

Matt Kuchar is the hottest player in golf, and his game is well-suited to win the first major of his career this weekend in Merion.

To win this week at golf's toughest test - you need to be accurate with your drives, dead eye with your wedges, and have a hot flat stick.  Kuchar has all of those things right now - having a win and a 2nd place finish in his last two events.

While he is major-less - Kuch has the cojones to handle the pressure of the big stage, as shown by his win at The Players Championship last year.

Your big hitters will struggle this week, and your shorter guys - Steve Stricker, Graeme McDowell, Zach Johnson - will have a chance to contend. But Kuchar has the short game that those guys do, but has more distance off the tee. 

Matt Kuchar is currently the best player to have never won a major.  He won't be after this weekend.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - U.S. Open pick - I got the Kuch

Tebowmania lands in Foxboro


It seems there are only two people who think Tim Tebow can help a football team - Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels.   The Patriots offensive duo both were in love with Tebow coming out of Florida, and they apparently have seen nothing over the past three years in the NFL to make them change their minds.

I "like" Tim Tebow because of this reason - the majority of people don't think he can be an NFL quarterback.  And in his only opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, he led the Broncos to the playoffs, and a memorable playoff victory.  I like the fact that he bucks most major athlete trends, with his outwardly open religious views, and his goodie-two-shoes persona. I like how he strives on proving people wrong, and hasn't changed who he is despite his insane popularity.

Bill Belichick answered each question at his press conference with some variation of "we'll use him however he fits best for this team".   While Belichick may be the craftiest head coach in the history of the game, I think in this scenario he really has no plan for Tebow.  Tebow signed a two year deal with NO guaranteed money.  So I think there's a chance he'll never suit up for the Patriots in a game.

Believe this - Tebow will not be taking quarterback snaps while Tom Brady is healthy. Brady is still the best short yardage quarterback on the team. 

So, here are the different options of what can happen with Tebow, and the percentage of how likely each one is to happen:

1. Tebow provides the Patriots with some intel on the Jets over the next few months.  He's cut during the preseason games. (45%)

2. Tebow opens the season on special teams, and begins to take snaps as a halfback/tight end, similiar to the role Aaron Hernandez has now.  (35%)

3. Tebow stays on the roster as a quarterback, and he's not heard from for the entirety of 2013. Ryan Mallett gets traded and he goes into 2014 as the backup quarterback with the possibility of him taking over for Brady in 2016 or 17.  (17%)

4. Tom Brady gets hurt, and Belichick implements a similar offense to what we saw from the Broncos in 2011, handing the keys to Tebow. (2%)

5. Tebow is brought in solely to be Rob Gronkowski's life coach. (1%)

I don't know if Tim Tebow can be an NFL quarterback.

I don't know if Tim Tebow can be a viable NFL player.

I do agree with the fact that Bill Belichick is the best coach for Tebow - not because he's such an incredible mastermind that he can mold Tebow into a viable player.

But rather that more than any other coach, Belichick knows how to USE players depending on their specific talents.

If Tebow can play in the NFL, Belichick will find a way to use him. 

If not, he'll join the long line of former Patriots cut before Week 1.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Tebowmania lands in Foxboro

Heat/Pacers more about flipflopping, not flopping


The Heat blew the Pacers away in Game 7.  And I don't think anyone is surprised.

But that's just what has been crazy about the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Heat just weren't the better team, they've always been the best team.  So no one should be surprised that the won.

But their erratic play has been headscratching and confounding.

Ray Allen hit some shots.  Finally.

Dwyane Wade looked rejuvenated.  Where has that been?

Chris Bosh nailed a big 3.  Well it's about time.

But none of that was surprising.

While all the talk during the early part of this series was about flopping, it's really been about flip-flopping.

Prevailing thoughts during this series:

After Game 1: Heat are going to roll.

After Game 2: Pacers could make this interesting.

After Game 3: Heat in 5, no problems.

After Game 4: Pacers may have the Heat's number.

After Game 5: It was scary there for a second, but the Heat have it.

After Game 6: LeBron can't beat the Pacers by himself, the Heat are going to lose this thing.

After Game 7: See? The better team won!

The NBA Finals start Thursday, and right now, nothing will surprise me.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Heat/Pacers more about flipflopping, not flopping

Sports Fan First, Sports Star Second


Keegan Bradley may reside in Jupiter, but the former PGA Champion will always call himself a New Englander.  The Woodstock, VT native has risen to the top of the golfing world, but if you look at his twitter feed, he could just be another Sully, Tommy or Billy from South Boston.

Bradley is a diehard Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics/Bruins fan - and he loves to make that fact known - "@Keegan_Bradley (10 May) Good luck to Ryan Clark and the steelers when they face Brady and the Patriots #runitup."

He tweeted throughout the Bruins memorable Game 7 comeback victory over the Maple Leafs last week - "@Keegan_Bradley (13 May) One of the best sporting events I've ever watched!!! #bruins"

Really Keegan?  How about the sport you play professionally?  You've had great views of some incredible golf finishes...

But no, the man loves his Boston sports, and hates his New York sports - "@Keegan_Bradley (3 May) If u breathe on Melo he's going to the line." "@Keegan_Bradley (1 Apr) Youk chant in Yankee stadium. Gross."

I always find it refreshing when athletes who reach the pinnacle of their sport stay true to their roots.  Anyone who grows up in New England has been ingrained to love their teams (just ask me.. I have the Red Sox game on one tv, and the Bruins on the other in my office as I write this).  But typically those that make it big time, get too big to be a fan anymore.

But not Keegan.

Would it be blasphemy to put a huge Celtics logo on the back of a Masters Green Jacket?

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Sports Fan First, Sports Star Second

I say No to Spo


Erik Spoelstra is maturing and gaining experience as an NBA coach. He did a great job keeping the Heat's focus sharp, and very rarely this year did they play under their potential.

But if I had to come up with the top reasons why the Heat had the best record in the league this season, I'd go a long way down that list before I get to their coach.

That's why there's no way that I would give Spoelstra the Coach of the Year.

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, Spoelstra is happy he wasn't given the award, comparing it to the "SI curse" because four of the last seven coaches who have won the award have fallen on hard times afterward.

Spo did finish second, but I wouldn't even have him in my top 5.

Baseball stat fanatics love to talk about WAR, or wins above replacement. And while that's harder to figure out from a coaching perspective, we can use a little common sense.

Substitute another coach in for Spoelstra - George Karl, Greg Popovich, Doc Rivers - and how much change would there be in the Heat's record? I'd argue it would likely go up.

Karl won the award this year, and was my pick for Coach of the Year.  Put Spo as the head coach of the Nuggets.. would they finish THIRD in the West? Of course not - they might even miss the playoffs.

Coach of the Year is just like Most Valuable Player.  The award goes to what coach meant the most to his team's success over the course of a season. 

Erik Spoelstra is not as valuable to the Heat's success as other coaches are to their team's success.  With LeBron, Wade, Ray, Bosh, and the players that he has, Spo is just not that valuable.

What do you think about the Heat's Coach? Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - I say No to Spo

Dee forecasts death of Dolphins in Miami


It's hard to find pictures of Dolphins' CEO Mike Dee not smiling - notice the cartoonish grin in his picture below. Even his name seems somewhat jovial (it makes me think of a child riding the Tea Cups at Disney - "WEEEEEE!!!")

But now it's Dee whose head is left spinning after the Florida Senate didn't even get the chance to vote on the Sun Life Stadium renovations bill.  Dee spoke this weekend to WFOR, the CBS affiliate in Miami. (You can see their story with much of the interview here.)

The three highlights of the interview:

- Neither Dee nor owner Steve Ross knew the "desperate condition" of Sun Life Stadium when Ross bought the team.

- House Speaker Will Weatherford is the only person to blame for the bill not passing, and that's it an "abuse of power that will follow his career for a long time."

- The future of the Dolphins in South Florida is "clearly bleak" after Ross sells the team.

Clearly, Mike Dee is no longer smiling.

In regards Ross's ignorance of the stadium structure, WFOR's Jim DeFede makes a great point - it's obvious now that what happened this week was Ross's plan from the beginning.  He'd target public money to go after renovations, and he'd get it - because the state will know how important it is for South Florida to be the premier location in the country for major sporting events. 

But with the Marlins Park disaster casting a huge shadow on this decision, Weatherford did not want to see it even have a chance to pass. 

As Deadspin asked today, "If a stadium upgrade is so important, why don't the Dolphins just pay for it themselves?"

Ross has said he has absolutely NO plans on doing that. Dee says in this WFOR interview, that stadiums are publicly funded all across America - this is how it works, why should it be any different here?

The problem is, as Sun-Sentinel Dolphins beat writer Omar Kelly has mentioned today on Twitter, the Dolphins don't NEED a new stadium.  They WANT one. In the words of Omar:  "@OmarKelly: I've seen stadiums across country. Sun Life is fine. Gets the job done. It's the Accord of Stadiums. Problem is half of NFL are Mercedes."

And Roger Goodell wants to have his Super Bowl in a Mercedes, not an Accord.

So, it looks like South Florida will not get Super Bowl 50 or 51. 

But everyone really needs to calm down about the empty threat of the team leaving town. When Ross sells the team, the new owner would be certifiably INSANE to move this team out of South Florida.  If an owner is buying a team just to move it to L.A., why would the Dolphins be the team he buys? There would be other, cheaper, teams to buy and move. And investing in a sports team in South Florida is money in the bank.

As so often in life, a big issue in this whole thing is timing.

It's too soon after the Marlins Park travesty. It's at a time when a House Speaker decides to usurp too much power. And right now, the stadium just doesn't NEED these renovations.

Sun Life Stadium will one day get the changes it needs to be a Mercedes.  And Miami will once again be a Super Bowl destination. Then Mike Dee will smile again.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Dee forecasts death of Dolphins in Miami

Welcome to the Thinktank


Welcome to What's Lincoln Thinkin' - the one web page on CBS12 that I get free reign to give you my thoughts about not only the sports world.. but also other things that are going on in South Florida.

This marks almost two months on the job for me, as we work the transition from the legendary Pat Murphy, to myself and John Evenson. West Palm Beach has been incredibly welcoming to us, and we can't have asked for a better group of people to work with than those at CBS12.

One of the things that I've really enjoyed so far is being a part of the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.  We're obviously continuing the tradition, that has spanned over 5 decades of recognizing young athletes in Palm Beach county and the surrounding areas.  A new wrinkle to our Athlete of the Week - is that we are bringing them into the station, to get a tour of the studio, and see how a newscast is put together (this is Royal Palm Beach pitcher Jordan Lauginiger below).  For us, it's just another day at work. But these young athletes are all super excited to get the behind-the-scenes tour.  And just about each one gets a John Matthews hug with their visit.

I want this blog to be a two-way street.  So let me know what you're thinkin' or ask me questions, by shooting me an email at, or shooting me a message on twitter, or facebook.

WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: Blogs - Lincoln Blog - Welcome to the Thinktank

Top 10 Worst Off-the-field injuries














Save the outrage, it's an exhibition!


NEWSFLASH: There are a lot of Red Sox fans in Palm Beach County.

The Sox come to Roger Dean Stadium once a spring, and the Marlins decided to make Red Sox nation pay - by making this game the most expensive game of the home slate.

Because they knew Red Sox fans would pay. And they did - it was just about sold out.

And at least 75% of the fans that went to the game on Thursday were Boston fans.

So when the Red Sox trotted out Darin Marrero and Garin Cecchini and not David Ortiz and Mike Napoli the people disappointed should've been the East Coast of South Florida Red Sox Fans.

But the only "outrage" came from the Marlins front office.  There is a spring training rule that a team must field at least four "regulars" in each game.  And the Red Sox put out only two players in their starting lineup that had ever seen a Major League pitch.

So there were complaints from the Marlins, and Red Sox GM Ben Cherington issued an apology, and the Red Sox will likely get fined.

I'm not sure where there was "outrage" from the Marlins brass - none of those fans got refunds, even though they were watching a minor league team play, AND no team scored a run in the game, AND they got rained on.

And they shouldn't get a refund, and they shouldn't complain.

Because these games are exhibitions. They're like preseason football.  The managers should be able to trot out whoever they want to play, whenever they want to.

Does John Farrell really need to see what David Ortiz can do in a meaningless game in Jupiter in March?

Of course not. The Marlins trotted out a worse lineup every game last year, and there was no outrage from other teams then.

Most Red Sox fans left when the rain started in the fourth inning.  And maybe they were upset with the lineup.  But I bet they were more upset about having to pay for a more expensive ticket.  Or for having to pay $10 to park. 

That's outrageous.



WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: News Blogs - Matthew Lincoln

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Dee forecasts death of Dolphins in Miami
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Save the outrage, it's an exhibition!


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